May 2017

We are planting with the hope  of  harvesting !!  

The church planting from  Corabia takes place over three phases. Mobilizing the resources of the kingdom of God; Sowing through prayer, evangelizing and serving the houses of peace;

And the harvest through cell groups that grow to become the missionary church. In May, we focused on this phase of sowing.

Together with brothers Doug, Adi and Justin  went out on the streets of Corabia to pray and to proclaim the gospel. Me and Justin, being in the same team,we met several times a young man who listened carefully to the gospel. His name is Costica. We have him  in our attention in prayer, it is one of those who are sincere and say that I do not promise to come but not avoid  us. We also had many experiences through which we see clearly how the enemy works and influences people to not have the opportunity to talk to them. When we came to one place, we prayed for the Lord's guidance, and as we headed to the one we wanted to talk to strange things it was happening. At 10 meters from that person, he quickly started to move and moved further or avoid us and stopped behind us at 10 meters. This happens every day.

It’s encouraging that I’ve  talked  with two of my neighbors. Our prayer is to begin a cell group in this area where we live. 

Every Friday I meet with those who want to be baptized.At the moment there are two candidates left. Catalin,who is 23-year-old and who has a

great need for prayer. The second is my son, who I found him enthusiastic about baptism.Pray for him  to remain stable and decided in his  relationship with God because he is only 13 years old.

A group of brothers who are involved in evangelizing on streets in many areas from Romania starting from spring untill  autumn, they come in Corabia for two days to proclaime the gospel in our city. My heart was encouraged by the brothers' work. Before their leaving  one of the brothers said, "We are praying for you, now I’ve seen what you are dealing with." My heart was strengthened by seeing the word of God preached. There were two events with children and the other with adults.