March 2017

From the Gospel records we know that Jesus
Christ sent His disciples in the mission twos. We
clearly see the principle of team work. In March
,God allowed once again to not work alone, but
together with our partners. Our goal was to
strengthen relationships with people that we
but also to reach with the gospel new people.
I would like to relate a little from our
Together with brothers Bill and Bob we visited
a person whom God has prepared to hear the
good news of forgiveness through Jesus'
sacrifice. After we talked about different things
together as an introduction, the brothers began
to speak from the Scripture. When they touch
the subject of sin, the person started crying
while she was listening, recognizing that she is a
sinner. Then I realized that the Lord was before
our visit. Pray for Ionela and her husband
because they said that they postpone
the returning to God.

Brothers Bill and Bob have served with us for
two weeks preaching the Gospel and also doing
administration at the house that is bought to
become mission house and to build building for
public worship before God. In two Sundays, they
encouraged the church to a clean life before
God. In short, I can say that after preaching from
the ten commandments preached by brother
Bill, a person came to me and said, "I confess
that I was wrong in one of the commandments
to you and I want now to be really brothers in
Together with Doug, Adi and Justin we went to
Tia Mare on the streets and we covered with
prayers as a preparation for the visits that
would be made. With the team from
Craiova and the team from Charleston we
made visites where we saw clearly that the
house had the fear of God,but they
didn’t believe in salvation through Jesus. God's
word has been spoken, now we pray and
waiting to see a changeing of this family. Pray
for Fulgulet’ family. We will continue the visits
becouse we have an open door there.
It is always a question in my mind how I could
get into conversation with people who do not
know? In this village Visina Noua, with Doug and
Justin walked on the streets with the same
purpose of covering with prayer, and to
proclaim the Gospel. After a time of prayer God
spoke to me to go at the car to visit an
acquaintance. When we got to the car and
wanted to leave, a man came to us and asked us
what we are doing here. We talked about our
goal and I also preached the Gosple. At the
leaving they accepted that whenever we come
in the village to visit them to talk from the Bible.
In the same time I gave each a Bible and in the
same time another neighbor came to listen.
When we went to the one that we knew he was
not home and then I realized that God really
wanted us to talk to people who came to
our car.