April 2017

In April the dynamics of the ministry was slightly different. God built us through the teams from the PIE-Romania and BIG organizations in order to serve the spiritual and material needs of the people from Corabia, Tia Mare and Visina Noua.

Edified  by God !!

On 6 and 7 April, the team led by Brother Gelu Paul helped us in at least two aspects of our work. We have been helped to further clarify what responsibilities and activities we have for each missionary. The second thing I understood is how we can implement two of the qualitative characteristics of a church that grows biotically. I  understood better what involves  the inspiring worship and the leadership that empowers.

On 20, 21, 22 and 25 April, through the conference organized by PIE-Romania, the organization I belong to, I  understood once again the great truths of Genesis. The theme of the conference was "The role of apologetics in mission". I personally clarified the role of verse 1 in Genesis 1 and why is the difference  in Verses 1 and 2. I accepted the idea that something happened between verses 1 and 2: the great Hiat. But at this conference I clearly understood that the Bible does not support this. After that, on 25 April I better understood the way the PIE-Romania organization worked.

Fulfilling the  spiritual needs !!

 Together with Doug, Adi and Justin we continued to go on  street  in Corabia and also in the villages  Tia Mare and Visina Noua. In Corabia we have made visits to strengthen the faith of those who come to worship. In Visina Noua I was on the street and I had prayer coverage. In Tia Mare we had many interesting  experiences. We split into two teams, and I with Justin headed to the east of the Tia Mare village. In one of the occasions of sharring the  gospel  for 10 minutes I explained the need of  salvation and salvation prepared by Jesus. We were ready to go further, but I noticed a man who came out of the neighboring yard and came directly to us and asked us, "Why don’t you  build a church here in our  village?". In the context there was a strange question that whenever we tried to organize something people seemed to be opposing.

Because the ministry is  growing, our prayer is to join to our team at least two missionaries, one for Visina Noua and another for Tia Mare. A young family,now they are living in Oradea came to see and understand the work that I coordinate with the prospect of understanding if God wants them as missionaries in this area.

In July, on the 22nd-31st, along with the OM organization represented by brother Michael Jordan, we will have 4 days of evangelization on the streets from Corabia  which will end with an event where the gospel will be celebrated in the place where we worship at the moment. We will have  a team about  10-13 Christians with us. Pray for this event.

For this partnership, Brother Michael and two other young people have visited us to plan and discuss all the details.

Fulfilling the  material needs !!

Mr. Marcel lives in  Visina Noua and for 3 years his house is opened to the gospel. He has a serious health problem. His need was to be transported to the hospital from Corabia and Caracal also  to be able to draw up his physical disability pension file. I handled the necessary transport to Corabia and Brother Doug to Caracal. Mr.Marcel’s joy  was that in a few days all this things were solved.