Updates from January

This month we continued to do what the Lord has called us to do, serving Him, serving the people around us. As you already know we do not work by ourselves and we are hepled by Doug Droll who is our partner and Adrian.

I want to share withyou about a family from Corabia. This family comes every Sunday at the church services.  Marin and Nina and their2 children are very happy every time when we visit them. They expressed their desire to be baptised and we ask you to pray for them to grow in their faith and to be a light in the dark in Corabia.

Every week we do a bible study in the house of Marcel in Visina Noua. There are 5 persons who attend to itand we are veryhappy . A young man was telling us about his strugle from his heart that he feels. He feels that the Lord is calling Him to repent but he didn’t take the decision yet. Please pray for him too to let his heart in his Creator’s hands. There are more persons who want to come for the bible study. Pray for a growing desire in these lives after God, after His word and for understanding the Word.

Thefellowship is so important for each of us and we feel stronger when we do have fellowship with our brothers and sister in Christ and it helps us to grow spiritualy. That’s why we visit weekly Nitu family. They are an old couple but with hunger in their hearts after God’s Word. We spend time reading the Bible and explaining to them the teachings from it.

In Galatians 2:20 it says: „All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I had been eager to do all along.” This month of cold winter we remembered about those in need. So through Hope for the community association we helped two poor families. They received wood for heating their palces. Dorin and Eugenia are spouses and their situation is very bad, the way how they live is hard to explain. They are also very sick. Please pray for them, for their parents who want to take them out from the place where they stay.

May God bless each of you and thank you for being part to our ministry!