News from December

We are very blessed to have such a value like
partnership. Every year our brother in Christ
Lanny Loe and his wife are visiting us. Not only
that they come but they bring others to serve
alongside us for God’s kingdom. It was a great
joy hearing him preaching the Gospel to
children, adults and youth.We pray for fruits
and especially we pray for seven young children
that we are investig in to repent and that they
will be in fire for Jesus.
We did visits to needy families and blessed them
with food bags. Brother Doug and Justin were
here also to help, We are very thankful for
everyone and we praise God for all his servants.
We want to share with you an experience. Three
years ago we wanted to give shoe boxes in one
school in Corabia.This school has poor students.
It wasn’t possible that time. But this year we
tried again and it was possible. We praise God
for this opened door and we hope that we have
shown them God’s love . For most of the
children it was first time when they have
received this gift. Great joy was on their faces.
With a group of young believers we visited a
social place. Around 50 old people stay there.

We sang carols and encouraged them. A lady
was there having a bible on her table. She
started to cry because she was very happy to
meet other christians.
We sang carols to several houses and it was a
big joy to praise our Saviour.
Tia Mare is a big village. Here is only one
christian family. We pray for servants to come
to move here, to love the people and to plant a
church. But is still in our hearts and that is why
with a group of believers from Craiova lead by
Doug, Adrian and Justin, visited 10 families and
sang carols to them.It is encouraging to see that
they opened their houses to receive the
repenters.Praise God!

Pray for the people in Corabia,for the people in
Tia Mare to receive Jesus Christ in their hearts.