October 2017

 Between routine and rarity

The beauty of the work that God called us is that we have routine activities that we know all about and are predictable, but we also have activities that we do rarely. In October, the Lord gave us both.

Outside the routine.


The love of God is shown while they are still sinners. And we are the servants who show this love to them. Through the "Hope for the Community" Association I got some clothing. Unlike other times, we have not announced in the city about this opportunity to receive clothing but we have asked those who come to our worship service to tell their friends. Surprisingly, a woman came and brought us a little cheese. I tried to convince her that we received nothing in return, but without any results. I understand that she wanted to redeem her  recipient dignity of the things I have given.


   For one week, Cornelia,with Jemima, influenced the group's children's lives toward God. Jemima, she is a young German girl  who has on her heart the kid’s ministry  from  Corabia. She wants to help those who come from families without too many possibilities. They brought the message about God in  the attention of the children,in the building where we were gathering, but they also spent a time of play and joy in the park.

In the Romans book, together with our little group, we have learned that  the  thanksgiving  to God can keep us away  from idolatry. And we had the opportunity to thanks Him  the  whole day of  Sunday celebrating the thanksgiving day.

Back in the routine.

In this  context of the hardened hearts, covering with prayer  is very important, therefore, for two weeks I was in the street and I interceded for known and unknown passers-by. I met a young man who studied the Watchtower magazine with Jehovah  witnesses.

 His name is Ovidiu. Discussing  with him, I saw the disappointment in his heart about the leaders who promised to visit him and not come anymore. We have achieved many biblical truths and even he promised that  to come to worship with us, but he has not arrived.


·       For him that the Lord continue the work in his heart.

·       For me to be a leader that to not disappoint him about the promises that I made to him.