November 2017


Out of the familiar context In November, God took me out of my routine and my work square. One person On a Sunday morning I had the surprise to meet at the worship meeting a man who expressed himself willing to be baptized and he told a story that wanted to be credible. In the following week I wanted to visit him at home so, with the enthusiasm of a new begenning, I headed to a small village called Vârtopu, which is considered part of Corabia. The surprise was that in that village there was no man living with the name and description of my new friend. All this time in my heart was a question addressed to God. Why did I have to come in that place? Soon I learned. I met a group of three men to whom I have spoken the gospel. One of them,his father-in-law was a pastor, and he knew the truth very well. In the middle of the discution he asked me a simple question that contradicted me. He asked, "Do you have to be a Christian only during at the church meetings and also during the weeks?" I answered but I wanted to know what was the reason at the questions. His answer sparked many prayers. His experience with Christians was characterized by the advice given to him by a man who believed himself to be Christian: "It is important that at the church to be clean, and live your life as much as you can." Tragic. When we said goodbye, I was invited to visit them again. The family A great joy, encouragement and refreshing filled my hear with the occasion of meeting with brother Viorel Iuga who is the President of the Romanian Baptist Association. Together with my wife Cornelia and some of the pastors and missionaries of the Baptist community of Oltenia we were strengthened by the atmosphere created around the family conference. There was a special relationship between those who participated. We as a family have had the opportunity to get to know the Ciudesnic family better. A young family who is recently in the ministry of Oltenia County. My responsibility towards this family is to help them integrate into the zonal team from Draganesti Olt Church. Their ministry is in Floru and Icoana. Pray that God will encourage them in the ministry that they are doing there. Organization Also in November we had the pleasure to be visited by brother Cornel Ştef, who is Chairman of International Pie and Chairman of PIEI Romania. The brother was not alone, but with him were three other brothers from Chicago. Many activities have taken place with this occasion. I would like to highlight the evangelistic activity unfolded in Craiova.
HOPE CHURCH Spreading the Gospel in Southern Oltenia
Ministry of PIEI-ROMANIA November 2017
Together we shared the New testaments, talked with people on the street, and surrounded the Craiova University with prayer. It was a great experience because of the size of the city and the difference in people's mentality.