News from October

The month of October for me is the time that I
plan for the upcoming year. I was able to
present our ministry to a family and another
brother and sister in Christ that came from
England. Please pray for this sister to know if
she is the right person to work with the women
in Corabia.
I called some brothers from the Baptist
community in Sibui. My intention was to discuss
about a potential visit to present our mission
points. I saw how God was guiding me because
from that discussion I understood that there
were a few people who are interested in getting
involved in our area.
We did street evangelism and visited the people
who opened their houses to hear the Good
News. On Sundays I preached messages about
sin and eternal life. If the people can understand
how bad their sin is, they will see their need for
Jesus as their only savior.
It was wonderful this month to see how God
provided the team exactly what we wanted. We
were wanting a discipleship program that is on
dvd, but were not able to buy it. Doug, a fellow
missionary, had the program we were wanting,
and now we are meeting every week to do
the study. Please pray for us to grow in our
ability to make disciples from learning from
this program.