News from November

The vision that God has given to us is one that
motivates us to work hard and to hope. Our
vision is a community of people made after
God’s image who bring the hope of Christ in
Corabia and the surrounding areas. One of the
objectives for 2016 was to become a daughter
church of Hope Church. We are very happy to
share with you that this objective is
Please be in prayer for those who we disciple.
Doina is a lady who attends our bible study. Pray
that she will go deeper in her understanding
about God and His word.
This month we were able to evangelize to
people in the hospital in Corabia. Five people
listened as we shared about Jesus and the
forgiveness He can give to us. After a while a
nurse came to tell us that we were not allowed
to talk about God there and we must respect
the rules of the hospital. We chose to listen and
obey the rules because we did not want to close
the door on future evangelism.
Pray that the people who heard the Gospel will
receive Jesus in their hearts.
Every Wednesday our team meets to watch a
video about discipleship. We pray together to
learn how to be more efficient when we
evangelize people. This month, we also took
part to the OCC (Operation Christmas Child)
meeting to plan and prepare for the Christmas
Praise God for all of you, for your prayers, love
and support.