News from September

We have seen God’s help in the projects that we have in order to plant a church.

The little explorers

One of the purposes of this project is to help children to go to school. Starting with 10th of september Cornelia,my wife, helped over 35 children with supplies and clothes. She was helped by a sister from Germany and a brother from Craiova in this project. An opened door was in school. The children workers could talk with the teachers. Please pray that God will make the children to undersand His love and read the Bible and also for the teachers to soften their hearts. 

House of peace project

Twice per week me, Doug and Jastin we go on the streets in Corabia to pray for the lost people. Peope have become curious when they see us and sometimes we have the opportunity to share the Gospel. Please join us in prayer for our city.

Betania community

Every Sunday I preach the word of God. I started a series of sermons where I talk about sin as it is presented in the Word of God. For example I talked about self love. I gave them an ilustration about a man that he loved himself so much that he would stay hours watching himself in mirror. Those who were listening indentified nowdays this sin in those who take so many pictures with them and post them on facebook pages. Pray that those who hear every week the message to be conviced of their need of Christ our Lord. 

Buildings for building the Kingdom

After three years of prayers and a lot of work God answered . We bought a house in Corabia. Our brother William Van Bibber was our voice for the brothers and sisters abroad. On this spot we want to build a chapel. Plese pray for this future project that God will provide financial and human ressources and also to be a blessing for many more to come to know Christ as their personal Saviour.

Mircea & Cornelia Dumitru - Missionaries in Corabia