And if you do not want to serve the Lord, then choose today whom you want to serve: ................ As for me, I and my family will serve the Lord! (Ios 24:15)

This verse was the one who directed this year the  ministry from Corabia. Because we were two families who were actively involved. It is a wonderful experience to see children serving God.


For seven years God has been blessing the ministry of church planting from Corabia, through teams that come for 10 days. This year, the team that served, had a special component. We were two families: the Golas family, made up from 6 people and we, the Dumitru family, who were also the host of the Evangelization event. Until the time of the evangelization project, God has worked differently in our lives. The beauty of the team was that, each one brought what God put into it, and we had unity in diversity.

The gospel preached in different ways

One of the parks in Corabia has a special playground for children. Every summer, after 6 pm, parents and children come to enjoy themselves. Along with the playground, the team sang  two afternoons. The songs had the goal to expose the parents and children to the message of the gospel. During at one song, I saw one of the parent coming to us. I got into a conversation with him and said “I came to see if you song live or not, because from the distance it sounds very nice. Well done, it is very beautiful ”. Every evening, after the team stopped singing, we went to the gathered people, to make them an invitation for the event to proclaim the gospel.

In our society, where young people are disoriented, and where they have no clear models to follow, approaching them is so difficult. We know that the gospel is the only message that can get them out of this state. and to be able to share  the message we tried to be where they spend most of their time. That is why, in the evening, with the team we went to the football field. One evening, when we got to the field, I saw one of the young people who came to the children”s meetings  and now he was away from us. In 5 minutes, another 4 young people came in which I invested the principles of the gospel. When I asked them from whom you knew we were on the field? they answered: Cristi called us,and he sayed: " Mircea is on the field, we play football."

The gospel is the power of God. After almost a week of announcing the gospel on the street and making invitations, the time has come for the event to share the truths of scripture and in the hall where we gather. The team sang to the glory of God, had a scene  that clearly illustrated the bondage of sins and the deliverance given by God. Brother Cristi Golas had some time to explain the word of God. It was surprising, becouse a young man began to ask a lot of questions. Finally the brother made an invitaion and two of the young people from  the room said they wanted to return to God.

Experiences that testify to God's intervention

I would like to list some signs of God's intervention

  • My boy, who is shy, to be the leader of an evangelism team and to preach the gospel on the street

  • The Lord has brought into the group a man who, for years has been doing what God has put on my heart for a year, and I didn't tell anyone my dream.

  • Young people to ask many sincere questions about God.

These things only the Lord does.

Mircea Dumitru - PIEI Missionary



The missionarie’s passion is to see people saved who gather and together form a community of believers. This passion also urges the presentation of the gospel to the children. Together with four other missionaries and their teams, we decided to implement the AWANA Association tools in the children's work. All this in order to be more organized and have a plan for working. Plan that has brought good results for the education and salvation of children in many parts of the world. A team from Awana came to train us. We had a wonderful time in which we understood the importance of working with children, but also details of the tools at our fingertips. After we understood the theoretical part, we had the opportunity to practice what we learned. The beauty was that each had a role. All the members of our family participated in the sporting part at the musical moment, the recapitulation of the lessons learned with the children, even at a small moment of puppet theater in which I was uncle Viorel. This beneficial training took place in Draganesti Olt. We pray that in September we could begin implementing these tools in the ministry from Corabia.

The  church from Sebes Alba was with us all this time in Corabia. This year, their engagement intensified. A group of young people came to support us. They understood that the church planting is done together, not just a single family. Together, we had four activities that aimed to expose people to the gospel and salvation.

   The first thing we did was to play in the park, where people sit on the benches. The young people sang in the morning before going to evangelism and at 5 o'clock in the afternoon when the park was full of people, but late in the evening. After we finish singing, we invite those in the immediate vicinity, who heard the songs, to come to the evangelistic event prepared on July 13 at 19:00. I saw the curiosity on their faces, especially when I was talking about a Christian concert.

After the time of praising God in the park, we shared in teams and share the gospel throughout the city center. The reaction of the people was positive, in fact polite, listened and promised to come to the evangelistic event. Together with one of the young man I was to share  the gospel to the people who played chess. Normally, one of us who was better, played chess, after which he opened the opportunity to talk about Jesus. When we met after street ministry, we had a time of sharing our experiences to encourage us.

The 16th day was the day of the sport and the evangelistic event. In the morning, together with those who responded to the invitation, and the group from Sebeş, we played football. The goal was to strengthen relationships but also to make the evening event known.

In the evening, the Lord worked and ten new people arrived at the meeting place. For us was a victory becouse another time came four new people . The message was full of power, and one person decided to follow Christ, and the next morning he said he wanted to be baptized.

Mircea Dumitru - PIEI Missionary


Extending the kingdom to Celei's neighborhood.jpg

One of the goals this year is to start a cell group in Celei”s neighborhood of Corabia. To this end, we are trying to mobilize as many Christians as possible to get involved with the spiritual gift that God puts in them through the Holy Spirit. Together with a group of 4 young people, we have had some activities that we have taken to reach our goal. One of the activitie was to visit some families that are open to the gospel and to talk about God's intervention in our lives today. After this,we offered to the women a hand-woven scarf from a few sisters from Netherlands.

Another activity was to provide a Christian newspaper with experience with God and to talk to all those people who are open. By dividing these papers, I reached a shop where the owner was outside talking to another man. When we gave the newspaper, his expression was, "I was waiting for so long this moment."

Prayer requests:

  • God to intervene miraculously and open the heart of those who have read this "Calea Domnului" newspaper to receive the salvation offered by the Lord.

  • God help us to help develop a relationship that brings salvation to his home.

Mircea Dumitru - PIEI Missionary

Spring in the town of Linden

What events we had:

As I said in my last  newsletter from March, I had some activities that I named "spring in the city of Linden". Two of our meetings were dedicated to young people. These young people grew up under our eyes. We still hoped that they would return to God and become messengers of a change who  comes through a relationship with God. At these meetings we presented two young people from the Bible, the young David who defeated Goliath in the name of God and the certain ruler who came to Christ to ask Him what to do to inherit eternal life. Our children, Damaris and Tobia, started as translators at these meetings. And the children had the opportunity to experience God's love.

Together with us were the team from Deer Park Charleston Baptist Church, USA who are our partners. Every year when they come to work with us, they bring some medicines supplies to the medical office from Berindei.

The visits to the unsaved people for the purpose of proclaiming the gospel were, in fact, the core of our activities. Together we visited five families for which we were praying to be part of our church by beeing born again.

Lately, I have been following a thought this year, "In the Christian community, the love of God also manifests itself through our simple gestures", in March I made a simple gesture by giving pizza to many people.

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-28 at  11.04.07.jpeg

Ionut Zamfir is a young man who grown up in a violent environment. When we wrere sharring  the gospel to those this his entourage, he was more withdrawn. He comes to our meetings. Our desire is to teach him what  means to be loved by God and also by God”s people.

What events will be:

In April, the Lord put on  on our hearts to open an Awana Club,to educate children from the  Scripture. And for this we will also participate at a time of equipping for Awana Club.

Pray that the Lord opens opportunities to get in touch with new children, and resources to rent a space for Awana's activities.

What is the effect on the community:

Thinking of everything that has been seen by sowing the word of God in abundance, strengthened relationships and the love of God was experienced by some from the city of Linden, Corabia.

Mircea Dumitru - PIEI Missionary

Motivating young people and not only

"........ And the boy Samuel grew in the presence of the  Lord."

                                                                                                     1 Samuel 2:21

What events were:


A few months ago, I heard an  interesting information, most of those who return to the Lord  took this decision when they were young. This information made me wonder what's going on with our young men from Corabia.  Together with a group of young people from Sebes Alba we met some young people who are attending to our small group meetings. Together we enjoyed the songs sung for the glory of God, one of the young people who came to the meeting at one moment  when a song ended, exclaimed "That”s all? I'd like to keep the song more." Then we brought together, before God, their dreams for the future.

Other beautiful moments in our ministry  were when we visited Mrs. Mihaela, who at the time of the visit was having a leg problem and had to stay in bed. This is the second time when we go to visit this family. The joy was so great that she said that after she will be healed she will  come to our worship meetings.

What events will come:

In March, it’s scheduled an event from 5th to 13th. We called it: spring in the town of Teilor, as it is called the town of Corabia. We want spiritual life to flourish as trees and flowers spring in spring. We will have visits, we will have meetings with young people and also an evangelistic event. Next to us there will be a group at the Deer Park Church in Charleston, USA.

Effect on the community:

Our city community had the opportunity to change their image of those they call negatively: the repentants. And they understand that we have something that they also need: a relationship with God.

Mircea Dumitru - PIEI Missionary

Knowing God's will and the ministry


Many christians are discouraged on their walk with God  because they do not have a clear direction.

Which  were the events?

Serving God is the most extraordinary experience that a man can have. To be able to say that you are serving God and not serving yourself under the religious mask, you must know clearly which is  His will.

For this purpose, together with a group of brothers, we have gathered in fasting and prayer. At this time of seeking God's will, we managed to get to know each other better and plan a few events for 2019.

Listening to the testimonies of those present, once again I understood that God is using  in His ministry people who, in the past have experienced emotional and relational trauma. God heals and then sends them in mission.

One of the principles I understand about the mission is that people get the gospel message more easily from someone who has been involved in their lives. Based on  this principle, in January, we tried to serve the first time, and then we also share the gospel.

Our service consists in one monthly package with food. For one of the families that we are serving, we pray for many years to be saved. We have developed a relationship with them, and with  many occasions I have proclaimed the gospel. This time, talking about the past celebrations, the discussion went to the fact that I had the habit of fasting. And I had the opportunity to explain that we, as a family, want God to be involved in all the situations of our lives, fasting and praying is the way we ask the Lord to do so.

What events will come next?

By the grace of God, I have the responsibility of mentoring a student from the E2E equipment program. In February, I must help him to acknowledge his call from God. Pray for wisdom and light from God.

What effect did we had  in the community?

This month we again managed to develop relationships that allow us to proclaim the news of salvation through Christ.

Mircea Dumitru - PIEI Missionary

Bridges to the City

I have always had a kneading in my heart. How could I build bridges to the heart of the people from Corabia?

Together with a group of young people from Sebeş-Alba, we reminded them about  the birth of Jesus Christ through  caroling  and a short greeting. This year we managed to go to our neighbors as well. Along with this group we sang carols to  a family  which we have been praying for two years and step by step we  have developed a closer relationship.The joy was  big when we visited the families from Tia Mare, every time  they received us with great openness.

This period is full of events where children receive gifts. We, with the help of God, have succeeded in bringing joy to the hearts of 35 children. Cornelia and I, when we were preparing the event, were so stressed that the place where we are now gathering is smaller than the one before and the children were full of energy. But for  our surprise everything was simple. Again we saw the intervention of God in our ministry.

What's next?

Evaluation and planning

We are expecting a new year of mission, and it is good to know what the situation is now, so there is a time in which we are doing the evaluation of the 2018 paper and we have a fast time, prayer and planning time for 2019.

This meeting will begin on 9 January and will end on 11 January

Pray for the Lord's light.

Effect in the community

This time opened several doors and strengthened the relations of the small group of believers with the people from Corabia.

The gospel is making changes

….but I and my house will be the servants of the Lord…..
— Joshua 24: 15


With God's help, we were able  to have evangelistic activities in one  vlillage called Celei , to make visits and socially involved.

Street Evangelism

We are thankful to God for the initiative of the group of missionaries who serve in the Hope Church of Draganesti Olt. After a time of prayer for the unsaved people in the city of Corabia, we went together in Celei  with the purpose of giving a New Testament and proclaiming the gospel. Although the weather was raining, I met some people to talk aboutthe Gospel. The intention is to open a group of Evangelism in the Celei district where people have the opportunity to return to God.

Visits to families

My wife Cornelia, together with a group of sisters from Comani, visited the Delcea’s family. This family is open to listening to the word of God. This gospel visit was an encouragement for both sisters and the family they visited. Pray for this family to believe in the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus and to reach salvation.

Social Involvement

We thank God for putting love in our hearts, and through the association "Hope for the Community" gave us the necessary resources. There is a difficult winter season, so the need for thick clothing and jackets is acute. We managed to give winter jackets to some people we know and in the life we also invest spiritually.

One lady is Nina’s neighbor, the woman who comes to the church. Our prayer is that Nina’s  neighbor, to be saved, so join us in prayer

What events will come?

This year also we have the opportunity to bring joy in the hearts of the children who are part of our work. With God’s help who put in brother Michael Jordan's heart to raise funds for gifts. This event will take place on December 19, 2018, in the place where we meet for worship

Pray that God intervenes with his powerful hand.


Through all these activities and events, the community has been exposed to the love and possibility of being changed through the gospel

Dumitru Mircea - PIEI Missionary

Brother and Sister Following Christ - Believer’s Baptism

Meet Tobias Dumitru

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes …” Romans 1:16

  • A wonderful 14 year old witty young man with a great sense of humor when he is around us, his family, in a familiar environment. However, when he is within a group of people he gets very shy, easily overcome by emotions and quickly loses the courage to speak in public. In spite of all these internal struggles he has never been ashamed of his faith nor has he hid the fact that he is a Christian, even when his classmates mock him.

  • Sunday December 9th, 2018 was a special day full of emotions for me and especially for him. It was the day when he got baptized - when he confessed in his own words about his relationship with God that changed him. He shared how he returned to God and how he received Jesus as His Savior. He was nervous but he was not ashamed. After his testimony, what a special time between father and son, also brothers in Christ and also as his pastor, I had the privilege to baptize my son in a new believer’s baptism.


Meet Damaris Dumitru

… “But I am not ashamed, for I know whom I have believed, and I am convinced that he is able to guard until that day what has been entrusted to me.” 2 Timothy 1:12

  • Damaris grew up learning about  God, His word and faith. She is also our daughter. When we moved as a family to Corabia, being called by God to serve as missionaries, she was 11 years old. With the move, her  life has changed more and more. She was surrounded by many non-Christian friends and from 13 to 16 she  had lived a double life. At home she was a good little girl and read the Bible, and at school she lived a life just like the other non-Christian teenagers.

  • In 2017 we  all were involved as a family at a youth camp. There one of the young Christians shared how he became happy after he was saved. His testimony touched her heart and decided to give up her double life and to be saved by the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, on Sunday, December 9th, on the same day as her brother, she confessed her faith and shared her testimony, taking the next step of obedience to the water of baptism. What a joy to see both of my children obey God and make such a decision to follow Christ and show it by being publicly baptized, and for me to have the joy and privilege of baptizing both of my children on the same day. Giving all the praise and honor to God.

Prayer requests:

  • Pray that Tobias and Damaris will grow in the faith of the Lord Jesus

  • Ask God to take out workers to be part from the missions team in Corabia

… “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15b

Pastor Mircea Dumitru PIE National Missionary, Romania

Amazed by the manifestation of love


The "Hope for the Community" Association, based in Draganesti Olt, has been a real help in the ministry from Corabia being a channel of God's love, over the years.

This time we were blessed with many bottles of Choco Milk. Cornelia, my wife, wanted to make God's love known by giving to her three neighbors Choco Milk. The reaction was unexpected, one of the neighbor exclaimed, "How to give  me, without money, something like this!!!"

Our goal is that in the midst of these people who think only of their own good, we will manifest God’s to them.

Mircea Dumitru

Update from Corabia

In the last two weeks, we have had to move to another place where we worship. I saw this move as a blessing, when I talked with the people from the city about the new address, they were delighted to be closer to the center.

It is already encouraging, because at the first meeting came another 4 new people. We pray that they will come to salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.

On October 21 we had a special thanksgiving meeting for all that God did in our lives this year. Each one said one reason starting with the first letter of our name. Brother Florea thanked for the happiness brought by the Lord in his life.

We are also glad that God does not leave us alone in the work of Evangelism. Brother Ilie Contiu, one Friday, came to Corabia, and together we were able to contact and talk to 15 people. And on this occasion I made invitations for the new location.

Mircea Dumitru

Important: Select Fund: ROMANIA MINISTRIES, Sub Fund: 24220 from the donation form

Two projects but the same goal



In August, together with a few young people from Romania, Germany and the USA, for one week we shared the gospel on the streets in Corabia. Every morning we had a beautiful time of prayer and rededication to God. It was very encouraging to see that two of our neighbors joined to us at this time. On this occasion, our relationship with them has become closer and we have an open door to share the gospel to them.

Each  team on the street had encouraging but also discouraging experiences. Being a team led by God, when some of us were rejected by men, they were praying for those who had conversations. In that way we were all part of the discussion even if we were at some distance for each other.

After a week of work on the street, it is time to have an evangelistic event in the building where we gather. God was kind and brought to this event people who have never been.

Work with children

Also in August we had one week of VBS with children. Usually, in other years, we had a bigger team to organize and make the VBS. This summer,we, as a family, were  the team. Each had his role and responsibility. It was a joy to work with our children.

We have to admit that God encouraged us by the number of children who participated, between 25 and 30, but also by the beautiful way how the activities took place. Every day Cornelia praised God with the children by  songs, I told them how God put Gideon as a judge in Israel, and our children organized the games together with the children.

Every year, in September, as we know, the school begins. Some children would like to go to school, but their parents do not have the opportunity to buy school supplies and school bags. In every September with  God ‘s help we tryed to cover this need. This year 10 children were helped with school bags and school supplies.

An interesting story about this project was when Cornelia was buying the school bags. In our  city, a Chinese family has opened a business. Cornelia buying a larger number of school bags the chinese lady  asked, becouse she was curious, why do we help these children?. Cornelia had the opportunity to tell them about Christianity.

Reasons for prayer

In November, the building we're gathering now will be sold. We'll move to another location. Pray that the Lord will provide additional resources for renting another locality. We currently have an option until spring to gather in another building by paying the amount of money we have. But from spring we will look for a more suitable location and the rental price will be higher, about 300 euro.

Pray for recruiting a team for the Corabia work.

Mircea Dumitru

Important: Select Fund: ROMANIA MINISTRIES, Sub Fund: 24220 from the donation form

"It is good to have brothers working together"

"It is good to have brothers working together", it was my thought when, after a day of work, we were bringing back to Draganesti those from  the group of young people who worked with us in Corabia. Only love for God motivated us to manifest our love for children and adults.

   In the early part of the day, the children we wanted near God rejoiced with us again, listening to a Bible story and singing to the Lord. The situation of these children is difficult because of the place where they live and the mentality of their parents. A parent responded when I asked him what he thought would happen with the future of his child, "He will be just as poor and uneducated as we are." We try to help them explore the hope of a life lived with God.
   Then we visited brother Florea, who needs encouragement. This family opened doors to bring the gospel to many people in Tia Mare’s village. There are two families from that village who have great joy when we visit them, but our heart still hopes that they will return to God.


"It's good to work brothers together," especially when the one you work with is also dedicated to God. Together with brother Elijah, we walked on the street to share  the gospel. It was a blessed time, especially since we had the opportunity to talk to a group of men for whom I have been praying for a very long time. To my astonishment they listened to the message without contradicting us. Last year they said it was good, but no man from Corabia would come at the church. But in our discussion led by brother Elijah their attitude was different. The Lord continue the work in the heart of these men.

When we  visited for the first time this family we prayed for help. God was amazed by his involvement in helping this family. Brother Denis Holl has the same heart for this family. We managed to visit them again and prayed for them. And we continue to pray for the children from this family to start school, because none of them goes to school.

Because "It is good to work brothers together" we have visited several churches in order to mobilize christians to join God's obedience and the work he does in Corabia. It was my first experience like this, and Lord supported me both in the presentation and in my personal discussions.


You can get involved:

  • Introducing to other christians the need to have a mission team in Corabia
  • By praying that the Lord would bring out workers to His harvest.
  • Send encouragement messages to those who are already involved
  • Come and see what God does

Contact data:
Dumitru Mircea
email: dumitrumircea74@gmail.com

Needs-oriented Evangelism

"Needs", but what kind of needs? When we talk about needs, we share them according to priorities. First of all, we need people to reconcile with God, then the need to understand that everything comes from His love and also the material needs of those  around us.


"Health" is the answer given by most people to the question: which is the most important thing in this life ?. Together with some young people, we visited a family that has no other solution to health problems than God's intervention. This family is also limited in the understanding of God, limited in physical health and also limited in faith. Because we could not enter in the house, we interceded to God for His mercy to intervene. My intercession at  God that the health that they receive from God  as a  response to prayer to be  used  to show to others that they are  true Christians. The family was encouraged by the fact that they are not alone in their troubles.


With the same group of young people, we also tried to serve the children’s group. We all know that today the real  family is being assaulted and they want to change the family as God made it. We have brought to the children's attention the creation and the fact that we didn’t show up ourselfs by random.



The family from the picture lives in a very poor room. Children are not going to school because they live far away from school.

First step that we did in their involvement was to give them  clothes and some food. Our goal is to help them to believe in God and start to go at school for those who are not too late.





Mrs. Delcea, is a close friend of my wife Cornelia. So many times she  listened  the  gospel shaerd in her house. Her husband  often tells her to remind us to pray for them becouse  they are  sinners and to be forgiven by God .

This month, in June, we invited her with us when we helped some poor families with clothes and food. She was very excited when she was invited to get involved in this action.

Our goal was to see God's mercy in action, in  other’s lifes. We hoped that her heart would be opened and reach salvation.



Opportunities for involvement:

  • Pray that God will work in  those’s hearts who have heard the gospel and have seen His love manifested through our actions. They to be saved.
  • Promotes in front of other Christians our need to have a team because the work is expanded and we are weak.

Relationships led by love

If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. In April, beyond activities and aids, we tried to show God’love, within our limits.

Brother Nitu Florea is a christian man who walks with the Lord, although he is not with other Christians to encourage him there in the village where he lives. Together with my wife and four christian women from the United States we visited my brother and his wife, telling us  the history of his life and also sharing with us from the  Bible, we were strengthened together. When he spoke about how God turned him to Him, he spoke with tears in his eyes.

Inspiring Worship

Together with a few christians from England who work for the Lord in Organization O.M. we had an encouraging worship time for our little group. Many times when we meet just us  the discouragement appears "Do you see that you are just a  few people ? " but by  the christians visit  from England we could prove that we are part of a church that is divided all over the world.


The manifestation of  God’s love.
"How do I know that God loves me?" This is the question of many people. The Christian community is the place where God's love is manifested. By the grace of God, it was given the opportunity for those who are in our sphere of influence to benefit of clothing for adults and children. The goal is to tell them that the Lord is good.


As God also says in the holy scripture, the work must be done in the team, so pray that another family or a christian who is not married to join us in our ministry.
We love you and we are deeply grateful for your partnership with us.

We make mission with the resources of God’ Kingdom

We make mission with the resources of God’ Kingdom.

In March we saw the motto we have "We work  for God with the resources of God’s Kingdom”

This year also God blessed us with the  brothers”s visit from  Deer Park Baptist Church. The brothers Bill, Bob and Henri were with my family  at my mother”s funeral. With  this occasion, the pastor of the Baptist Church from Vatra Dornei and my sister managed to know them. Brother Bill brought a short message, Bob’Henri  and Damaris, our girl had a song.

Together with Bob,we  brought the gospel's  message to the small group gathering in Constantin's house. We are praying that more and more people to come at to  this group and be saved. Until now, the Lord has encouraged us through all that is happening to this group.
And our little group of young people had the opportunity to hear Brother Bob's message and testimony.Brother Bob had a  great joy to work with those  young boys. The boys  were also pleased to talk with him. One of the young boy was through England and understood a little English, I encouraged him to talk in english with Bob. Pray for them to  understand the gospel and to be saved.

Many times when I was preachiing  the gospel and encouraging  people to read her Bible, they had two excuses. They have no bible and do not see well to read’ this means that  they need reading glassis. Then we gave them a Bible. But still they had the problem  with the glasses. We communicated this to brother Bill, and so we organized an event to offer a pair of glasses and something for oral hygiene. With those who came, I also had a short fellowship where  the gospel was preached.

It was a great joy when God opened us an opportunity to present the ministry that  He is doing through us in Corabia to a group of Latin American christians. We were encouraged by the testimony of one of them who said "he is surprised to see that we in Romania are working on the same principles as they do in America." This group was mediated by brother Michael Jordan, who manages the short-term groups of O.M.

Caring for Care

Caring for care

“....But whoever would be grea tamong you must be your servant.”

                                                                                                  Mark 10:43

For January, God has put on our heart to serve more those from our circle of influence.


With  the association "Hope for the Community’’s help we managed to serve two families with wood, two families from  Corabia. One of the families earns their living from  construction. Nea Marin is sick and old. In winter time he  can not work and that's why their only income was the social help provided by the town hall. In December they received the news that they will not receive this help anymore. Pray for this situation.

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 18.11.07.png

The second family is suffering and all their income is spent with the necessary medication. So they can not afford to buy wood for the winter.

Throughout the years, God has helped us to develop a relationship with some Christians who have been involved at some point in our ministry from Corabia.

One of these people is Jemima, a young woman from Germany who was sensitized by God to help the kid”s ministry, but also to ease the situation of one family. We managed to buy food for this family.

The purpose of this ministry is that they to see the love of God.

I’ve  prayed for a long time that God to help me to recruit people for the mission ministry from  Corabia. Step by step that  God has put me in a situation of understanding that I lack the ability to manage a team.

In January, there were two occasions when the Lord taught me how to coordinate a team. One of the situations was when, for one week, I was at an equipment lecture about preaching.

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 18.13.16.png

At these meetings there were many workshops in which he was appointed a leader for the four working groups. I've learned a lot about coordinating team by looking at how other teams have accomplished their tasks.

Pray that  the Lord of the harvest to bring out workers and prepare me for their coordination.

Full of Opportunities

The December was full of  opportunities to serve people from Corabia and arround..

Opportunities to talk about what God is doing.

Partnership is one of the  Hope Church value a value that we have also taken here  in our  church planting from  Corabia. That’s why we enjoyed the opportunity to present God’s work  in which we are involved and presented our mission with the goal to make  a partnership. During the presentation I saw that the brothers were touched  by the kid”s ministry  and my involvement in equipping the  missionaries who are working in Olt County. Pray that the Lord will work as He thinks it is needed.

Opportunities to Create Bridges to the Gospel


This year also we had the opportunity to strengthen relationships with those we know through the carols. Our goal is to proclaim the gospel and to be saved. This time, we were not alone. We enjoyed the young people from Sebeş and Cluj, organized by brother Vlad, who celebrated the birth of Jesus through their carols  singed together. The visit from the nursing home for old people from Corabia was amazed by the fact that the director of the nursing home immediately remembered us and we had the opening to bring some joy in  their hearts.

We  also caroled  the people from Tia-Mare . The people were very welcoming and they received us with such joy as we were family relatives that they have not seen for a long time. We started a discussion about God with one of the families. I will go to visit  them to talk more about God. Pray for the people from Tia-Mare, all the time they say that they do not have time to talk.

Opportunities to bring joy to children


Most of the children from  "Little  Explorers" group receive gifts once a year, for Christmas, when we give them gifts. And this year, with God”s help we had an event in collaboration with a team from O.M. Romania. The young men who were with brother Michael also presented a story about the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. Cornelia, together with the children, played  several carols for the youth from  O.M.Romania. In this way, the surprises were on both sides. The purpose of the event was to proclaim the gospel  again


November 2017


Out of the familiar context In November, God took me out of my routine and my work square. One person On a Sunday morning I had the surprise to meet at the worship meeting a man who expressed himself willing to be baptized and he told a story that wanted to be credible. In the following week I wanted to visit him at home so, with the enthusiasm of a new begenning, I headed to a small village called Vârtopu, which is considered part of Corabia. The surprise was that in that village there was no man living with the name and description of my new friend. All this time in my heart was a question addressed to God. Why did I have to come in that place? Soon I learned. I met a group of three men to whom I have spoken the gospel. One of them,his father-in-law was a pastor, and he knew the truth very well. In the middle of the discution he asked me a simple question that contradicted me. He asked, "Do you have to be a Christian only during at the church meetings and also during the weeks?" I answered but I wanted to know what was the reason at the questions. His answer sparked many prayers. His experience with Christians was characterized by the advice given to him by a man who believed himself to be Christian: "It is important that at the church to be clean, and live your life as much as you can." Tragic. When we said goodbye, I was invited to visit them again. The family A great joy, encouragement and refreshing filled my hear with the occasion of meeting with brother Viorel Iuga who is the President of the Romanian Baptist Association. Together with my wife Cornelia and some of the pastors and missionaries of the Baptist community of Oltenia we were strengthened by the atmosphere created around the family conference. There was a special relationship between those who participated. We as a family have had the opportunity to get to know the Ciudesnic family better. A young family who is recently in the ministry of Oltenia County. My responsibility towards this family is to help them integrate into the zonal team from Draganesti Olt Church. Their ministry is in Floru and Icoana. Pray that God will encourage them in the ministry that they are doing there. Organization Also in November we had the pleasure to be visited by brother Cornel Ştef, who is Chairman of International Pie and Chairman of PIEI Romania. The brother was not alone, but with him were three other brothers from Chicago. Many activities have taken place with this occasion. I would like to highlight the evangelistic activity unfolded in Craiova.
HOPE CHURCH Spreading the Gospel in Southern Oltenia
Ministry of PIEI-ROMANIA November 2017
Together we shared the New testaments, talked with people on the street, and surrounded the Craiova University with prayer. It was a great experience because of the size of the city and the difference in people's mentality.


October 2017

 Between routine and rarity

The beauty of the work that God called us is that we have routine activities that we know all about and are predictable, but we also have activities that we do rarely. In October, the Lord gave us both.

Outside the routine.


The love of God is shown while they are still sinners. And we are the servants who show this love to them. Through the "Hope for the Community" Association I got some clothing. Unlike other times, we have not announced in the city about this opportunity to receive clothing but we have asked those who come to our worship service to tell their friends. Surprisingly, a woman came and brought us a little cheese. I tried to convince her that we received nothing in return, but without any results. I understand that she wanted to redeem her  recipient dignity of the things I have given.


   For one week, Cornelia,with Jemima, influenced the group's children's lives toward God. Jemima, she is a young German girl  who has on her heart the kid’s ministry  from  Corabia. She wants to help those who come from families without too many possibilities. They brought the message about God in  the attention of the children,in the building where we were gathering, but they also spent a time of play and joy in the park.

In the Romans book, together with our little group, we have learned that  the  thanksgiving  to God can keep us away  from idolatry. And we had the opportunity to thanks Him  the  whole day of  Sunday celebrating the thanksgiving day.

Back in the routine.

In this  context of the hardened hearts, covering with prayer  is very important, therefore, for two weeks I was in the street and I interceded for known and unknown passers-by. I met a young man who studied the Watchtower magazine with Jehovah  witnesses.

 His name is Ovidiu. Discussing  with him, I saw the disappointment in his heart about the leaders who promised to visit him and not come anymore. We have achieved many biblical truths and even he promised that  to come to worship with us, but he has not arrived.


·       For him that the Lord continue the work in his heart.

·       For me to be a leader that to not disappoint him about the promises that I made to him.