November 2017


Out of the familiar context In November, God took me out of my routine and my work square. One person On a Sunday morning I had the surprise to meet at the worship meeting a man who expressed himself willing to be baptized and he told a story that wanted to be credible. In the following week I wanted to visit him at home so, with the enthusiasm of a new begenning, I headed to a small village called Vârtopu, which is considered part of Corabia. The surprise was that in that village there was no man living with the name and description of my new friend. All this time in my heart was a question addressed to God. Why did I have to come in that place? Soon I learned. I met a group of three men to whom I have spoken the gospel. One of them,his father-in-law was a pastor, and he knew the truth very well. In the middle of the discution he asked me a simple question that contradicted me. He asked, "Do you have to be a Christian only during at the church meetings and also during the weeks?" I answered but I wanted to know what was the reason at the questions. His answer sparked many prayers. His experience with Christians was characterized by the advice given to him by a man who believed himself to be Christian: "It is important that at the church to be clean, and live your life as much as you can." Tragic. When we said goodbye, I was invited to visit them again. The family A great joy, encouragement and refreshing filled my hear with the occasion of meeting with brother Viorel Iuga who is the President of the Romanian Baptist Association. Together with my wife Cornelia and some of the pastors and missionaries of the Baptist community of Oltenia we were strengthened by the atmosphere created around the family conference. There was a special relationship between those who participated. We as a family have had the opportunity to get to know the Ciudesnic family better. A young family who is recently in the ministry of Oltenia County. My responsibility towards this family is to help them integrate into the zonal team from Draganesti Olt Church. Their ministry is in Floru and Icoana. Pray that God will encourage them in the ministry that they are doing there. Organization Also in November we had the pleasure to be visited by brother Cornel Ştef, who is Chairman of International Pie and Chairman of PIEI Romania. The brother was not alone, but with him were three other brothers from Chicago. Many activities have taken place with this occasion. I would like to highlight the evangelistic activity unfolded in Craiova.
HOPE CHURCH Spreading the Gospel in Southern Oltenia
Ministry of PIEI-ROMANIA November 2017
Together we shared the New testaments, talked with people on the street, and surrounded the Craiova University with prayer. It was a great experience because of the size of the city and the difference in people's mentality.


October 2017

 Between routine and rarity

The beauty of the work that God called us is that we have routine activities that we know all about and are predictable, but we also have activities that we do rarely. In October, the Lord gave us both.

Outside the routine.


The love of God is shown while they are still sinners. And we are the servants who show this love to them. Through the "Hope for the Community" Association I got some clothing. Unlike other times, we have not announced in the city about this opportunity to receive clothing but we have asked those who come to our worship service to tell their friends. Surprisingly, a woman came and brought us a little cheese. I tried to convince her that we received nothing in return, but without any results. I understand that she wanted to redeem her  recipient dignity of the things I have given.


   For one week, Cornelia,with Jemima, influenced the group's children's lives toward God. Jemima, she is a young German girl  who has on her heart the kid’s ministry  from  Corabia. She wants to help those who come from families without too many possibilities. They brought the message about God in  the attention of the children,in the building where we were gathering, but they also spent a time of play and joy in the park.

In the Romans book, together with our little group, we have learned that  the  thanksgiving  to God can keep us away  from idolatry. And we had the opportunity to thanks Him  the  whole day of  Sunday celebrating the thanksgiving day.

Back in the routine.

In this  context of the hardened hearts, covering with prayer  is very important, therefore, for two weeks I was in the street and I interceded for known and unknown passers-by. I met a young man who studied the Watchtower magazine with Jehovah  witnesses.

 His name is Ovidiu. Discussing  with him, I saw the disappointment in his heart about the leaders who promised to visit him and not come anymore. We have achieved many biblical truths and even he promised that  to come to worship with us, but he has not arrived.


·       For him that the Lord continue the work in his heart.

·       For me to be a leader that to not disappoint him about the promises that I made to him.


September 2017

Month September 2017 was characterized by works focused on meetings and re-planning. "The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty." Proverbs 21: 5

Though it is a small town, the Corabia has two Pentecostal-Charismatic oriental churches, an Adventist church, a kingdom hall (Jehovah's Witnesses) and at least five Orthodox churches. Together with those who participate at catechism, we tried to understand what we think about beeing born again, the Divinity of Jesus, why we worship on Sunday, baptism with the Holy Spirit and baptism in water, the Church, and other subjects that give us a certain identity in Corabia. Every Friday at 18 o'clock we study the Bible with passion so that we can reporting back to all  those who ask us about the things we believe.


Three years ago I visited a church in  center of Romania and the brother I hosted asked me if I should preach from each  book from Bible, exegetically, not on subjects. Then I said it is too early for some of those who come at the meetings becouse they are reading nothing from Bible. But this month,Septembe, we began to study from Paul's book to Romans. We chose this book becouse  the gospel is presented very clearly and entirely. When I preached that God's wrath is over Corabia, I was curious to see their reaction. I saw a fight in one person’s heart who listened and when I talked, it was amazing to see how he quoted from other messages I have preached, about the grace of God, to calm  his heart.                  

Knowing that the plans of the hardworking man bring boldly, I decided that in September to plan the activities for the objectives that I  planed. I prayed, I decided the activities and planned them for days. By becoming conscious of everything I have on my heart, I need the grace,the  power and God’s wisdom  to be able to accomplish them.

August 2017

A look in the past and in the future !!!

The August was a special month because we had the latest projects for  September 2016 - August 2017  and we set it out our goals for September 2017 - August 2018.


At our VBS we had the opportunity to serve with the team from the  International Messengers organisation  24 children. We believe that our investment in these children will bring  a change in their lives by returning to the Lord, but also be examples for their community. Through songs they praised the Lord, through the Bible stories they learned more about the Lord through English lessons and enriched their vocabulary to communicate with the team from America, through games they learned to be a team.


In addition to these activities, brother Jim Morgan and his mission team broadcast the movie  Jesus’s life  for Children.

Gathering together for worship and strengthening relationships encourage all the members of the small cell group  from  Corabia. The way how the place looks make  part of the outer atmosphere. This month we renovated the place that we rented. It is true that we were able to renovated just inside , but we are also praying for  resources to change  the outside.


We work for God with the resources of His kingdom. The partnership is a point from  the strategy of  Hope Church from  Draganesti-Olt . The partnership is important because we understand that work in the Kingdom of God is not  done by one man. In this direction the fact that at Hope Church  Draganesti  Olt was an event in which each missionary presented his ministry was what I needed. Together with my wife Cornelia, we spent two special hours presenting  God's work from  Corabia. Those who listened to our presentation were from USA and we pray that the Lord will continue to work in their hearts.


To understand f God’s will  and planning to implement this will is  vital for  God’s servant. I ‘m writing  these goals for all of you to pray that God to  work.

1. Project - program: Mobilization of the kingdom


- To form  helped by God, a church planting team

- To form a network of partners to support the planting team

2. Project - Program: Houses of Peace


- Identify another 3 houses of peace and serve them

3. Project - program: Betania Community


- A New Testament baptism

- Those who come to worship to understand and apply the truths from Romans in their lives

- To help them create biblical relationships with each other and their circle of influence

4. Project - program: Buildings for building the kingdom objectives

- Improve the accommodation conditions at the mission house

5. Project - program: Missionary equipment objectives

- Understanding the dynamics of the conflict and solving it

- Implementation the steps of church planting

July 2017

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, remembering what God did in July, I can say that the good hand of God was with us. Through us He has influenced children and adults.


After a long  period of planning, it was time for the first time to go  in a camp with the young people in Corabia. We were all excited, as young people as they were still wondering about the details of the camp and gleaming their eyes, on the other hand we as the team hoped the Lord would work hard in their hearts. When the day and the time of the leaving arrived, I found that only me and my family were able to go in that  camp. It was a camp where two goals were achieved: to study  English texts and also to  study texts from  Bible  in order for the participants to return to the Lord. The camp was organized by brother Doug Droll in Zimnicea, Teleorman County. My part was to help translate from English to Roamanian  language for a class. I had no ideea that  God prepared a surprise for me. Our daughter Damaris decided in that  camp  to follow the Lord Jesus. I”ve heard  about her decision about  after three weeks.

My great burden is the salvation of those people from  Corabia because last year I spoke with brother Michael Jordan, who is in O.M. to  gather a team to go on streets to  proclaim the Gospel. Great was the joy when 16 people expressed their willingness to get involved in the "Peace Houses" program. The idea of his project is to prayerfully cover the city, evangelize and identify houses of peace, where we continue to preach Christ. For four days, four teams went to the streets to confess Christ. The experiences on the ground were encouraging. More than one hundred people were confronted with the Gospel message and some were open. In that Friday we organized an evangelistic event in the place where we meet. Pastor Raul Costea preached. It was encouraging that 6 new people came to listen the message. One person is still in touch with us and comes to our meetings. Not only that, our neighbors have heard the gospel, and some are very open.

In the same time  with the "Peace Houses" project, Cornelia and Jemimma Katalina were involved in the "Little explorers" project. Every morning at 10 o'clock they met with the children for one week. One of the truths that children have taught is how to solve a problem without violence. It is important to them because they live in a context of violence. May the Lord continue to work in their hearts.

Pray for our children Damaris and Tiby to remain steady on the Lord's path. Also, the people who have heard the gospel to be released  from the shame and also pray for children that Cornelia invests to understand the importance of returning to God.


May 2017

We are planting with the hope  of  harvesting !!  

The church planting from  Corabia takes place over three phases. Mobilizing the resources of the kingdom of God; Sowing through prayer, evangelizing and serving the houses of peace;

And the harvest through cell groups that grow to become the missionary church. In May, we focused on this phase of sowing.

News from November

The vision that God has given to us is one that
motivates us to work hard and to hope. Our
vision is a community of people made after
God’s image who bring the hope of Christ in
Corabia and the surrounding areas. One of the
objectives for 2016 was to become a daughter
church of Hope Church. We are very happy to
share with you that this objective is

News from September

We have seen God’s help in the projects that we have in order to plant a church. 

The little explorers 

One of the purposes of this project is to help children to go to school. Starting with 10th of september Cornelia,my wife, helped over 35 children with supplies and clothes. She was helped by a sister from Germany and a brother from Craiova in this project...