Besides the usual street evangelism and giving people a New Testament or a small brochure to point their attention towards God, we did something different this time. Because our team was very big, we were able to organize an evangelistic event in the park every evening.

Even though there were not many people coming, we were happy to see 10-15 people who came every day. Also, we are happy for many others who passed by and for the ones who heard the songs and the Gospel because they live very close to the park. Some drivers stopped their cars to watch us for a while and then left.

The most encouraging moment for me was on Sunday. It was raining and we had to cancel the event in the park. I was surprised to receive phone calls from people asking if there will be a meeting tonight. The joy was even greater when the rain stopped we were able to go there again.

We did our best and we know He will do the rest! We pray that these 3 days of activities to be more than just projects. We want them to be a seed in those people’s hearts and to guide them to God.

Octavian Ciudesnic - PIEI Missionary