Through God’s provision, we managed to replace a part of our church’s fence and to repair the front side of the iron fence. God was in control even in these small things. The amazing thing was that during those days, we had an amazing weather that allowed us to work to paint and with electric tools. Praise to God!

This project was a response to the prayers of our church because the fences are more than 20 years old and they made the church look abandoned or neglected. (Cultural Note: In a village, the way a house looks on the outside is like an introduction for the people who live in it. If you don’t take care of your house, you can lose the respect of the others.)

We are happy to be a testimony for the people even through these small details. We pray and we know that God will give us the financial resources to finish what we started.

Octavian Ciudesnic - PIEI Missionary