The villagers from Icoana had the opportunity to be checked by an experienced team of 12 doctors specializing in different practices like pediatrics, orthopedics, dentistry and general medicine. We also had a table with medicine for the ones who need and can’t afford them.

Even though this was an outstanding opportunity, the wicked one did his part and tried to keep the people from coming. One of the ways he wanted to discourage us was the fact that exactly that morning was an event for remembering the dead at a local church. Most of the locals were there and they came only after that even though they knew about our event for a while.

Nonetheless, we felt the presence of God and His faithfulness. Because we had no one at the event, we sent a few people from our team to go and to remind the locals about what we are doing. They couldn’t find anybody on the streets so they stopped and they prayed. After they said “Amen”, four people showed up, and then another one until we had 60 people coming.

(Cultural Note: The dead are often feed at the graves, prayed for, and remembered in traditional type church serves.)

Octavian Ciudesnic - PIEI Missionary