Visiting the poor was another thing that God put on our hearts. We visited 20 poor families who were in need of clothes, food and most of all, love and hope. We prayed a lot for that and I think God worked in their lives. The bonds built with the children during the VBS were so deep that they stayed until every leader gave them a hug. When we went to see them in their houses, they didn’t even care about our gifts. All they cared was to spend time with us and to receive our affection. A little boy actually cried when the time to leave came.

It’s very painful to look at a child’s face and to see pain, sadness and loneliness. Little Daniela is an example of this. Her parents are divorced and in different countries therefore she is raised by her grandparents. When we asked her to tell us what can we pray for, she asked us to pray for her parents to come home together. This is all she wanted.

Pray for these poor families and for those lonely children to see the love of the Father and to trust in His faithfulness.

(Cultural Note: SEE NOTE from VBS)

Octavian Ciudesnic - PIEI Missionary