Another target we had in mind was the youth. Experience taught the very efficient to draw them to spend time with us and to build relationships is through sports. Everyone loves to play different games like football (soccer) or archery so it was a great way to get to know them better.

Even if they were mean and not very confident in the first day, it was great to see how they started to trust us and to share personal stories with us. At the end of the program they ask our guests when they will come back. All of this was possible because they received love, care and attention from us. It is very important for the young generation to have older people to encourage, advise and to love them.

Another aspect we learned was the power of our own testimonies and our example. I remember a funny quote saying “If you want to see if a Christian boy is the real deal, play a soccer game with him”. One of our desires for the young boys in Icoana is to give them the chance to see in real life the behavior of true Christians: how they live, talk or how they react during competitions. As a teenager, this was a huge help for me in my path to Christ. I pray that these days planted a seed in their hearts and made them aware that there is something much greater than this world has to offer.

Octavian Ciudesnic - PIEI Missionary