During the 3 days of evangelizing we had a major focus on children. Wanted them to hear the Gospel in a way that they can understand and be captivated by it. Our theme for the children event was “Joseph – Mysteries from Egypt”. Our kids learned more things about Egypt, about the culture, food, but the most important thing they learned was a part of this country’s history. Mr. Carter an archeologist taught them how God changed Joseph’s life.

The children had a great time learning all these things and we had many kids attend every day. The most amazing thing was that they came even on a rainy day because they were curious how the story unfolds (many of the children walk to VBS). 

We wish and we pray that all those children who come from broken families to have a hope for the future through remembering the story of Joseph. We know that God can do miracles in their lives and we pray that their hearts will open to receive His love.

(Cultural Note: With an 80% unemployment rate in this region of the country many children grow up under the care of extended families, as their family tries to earn an income from another city or nation. Often children feel powerless to change their future and quit school before 4th grade cascading the growing problem. A story like Joseph’s; being from a broken home, sold into slavery, condemned for things he didn’t do and much more would relate to them in a personal way. Half of the job of a missionary in this area is to bring Hope.)

Octavian Ciudesnic - PIEI Missionary