“A man reaps what he sows” (Gal 6:7)


Evangelizing and social support

It’s spring again. Everyone in Icoana starts to prepare the land for spreading seeds on it while we do the same thing. Using these moments, I spoke to people about “the good seed of the Gospel” making reference to their material need. No one wants to work their land and to put inside a useless seed. In this way, I talked to people about the importance of what we grow in this life and what we are going to reap. Just like the way we prepare the earth before planting seeds, we pray for the hearts of the people to be ready to receive the Gospel.

Youth ministry

We are very happy for the fact that last month we started regional youth meetings. During these meetings, young people are exposed to the Word of God, they have the occasion to interact with other Christians, they hear another type of music during worship and of course, they have many funny activities.

Kids’ ministry

This month, because we had mother’s day, we did something very special with the kids for their mothers. Besides games, songs and bible verses we did these special vase for the mothers. In this way, I learned once again that God wants and can use each one of us to encourage someone.

Women ministry

This year, for the first time, God made possible a special meeting for women. Together with one of our partners, we created a special evening for the ladies with the purpose of making them feel appreciated and loved. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many answers to our invitation. Even though we expected to see a maximum of 30 people, we had around 40 women there. What makes us even happier is the fact that most of them were non-believers and they had the chance to hear the Gospel.


Please pray for:

  • The good seed of the Gospel to plant roots in the people’s lives;

  • The young people of Icoana to know Jesus;

  • A worker in kids’ ministry;

  • The women who heard the Gospel;

  • The development of the women’s ministry;

  • Our financial support so we can be able to do different project here;