A fishing rod, not a fish!


I am happy to say that God started in my heart a new project in our mission in Icoana. Even though I was praying and thinking about this project for a while, I never had the courage and resources to begin. At the beginning of the year, I got a phone call from a brother in Christ and he asked me if I need a goat for myself or for a poor family. Knowing that I don’t have enough time to take care of animals, I decided to give it to a family with four boys from Icoana. The only income they have is their father paycheck and the children’s allowances. I know this family and its needs since I moved here and I am full of joy knowing that we can do something for them. Glory to God!

We wish to develop this project. We live in a rural area so there aren’t many jobs around here and we thought that this could be a great help for those who want to work to have their own food.

The project’s costs:

  • a goat and hay: 200$

  • a greenhouse: 500$

  • a spin: 300$;  a hive: 60$; a swarm of bees: 75$;

Please pray for:

  • the development of this project;

  • the people to find Jesus in their need;

  • the Gospel to break through their hearts;

Octavian Ciudesnic - PIEI Missionary