A God of wonders!

lemne floru.jpg

On a Thursday, when I usually have a meeting with the believers from Icoana, I went to our church in Floru and when I got there, I saw a big pile of wood in the front yard.  I was very happy to see that my brothers in Christ are good workers and they worked things out but I wondered where the money came from. 

My joy was even greater when I found out that nobody knows where the wood came from. We thought that a woman who wasn’t there at the time was responsible for this but, when I met her, she said that she has no idea what I am talking about. At the end of the day, absolutely no one could tell me what happened.

We are very happy to see God at work. Just when we ran out of wood, God was faithful and took care of our needs. We don’t know how He did it but I am sure that only He could do it.

Praise the Lord!

Octavian Ciudesnic - PIEI Missionary