Youth ministry in Icoana

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After a long wait on our part, but especially on the part of the children, this month we started the special meetings for the children from Icoana.

Because we started a new season of meetings, we decided to start a new series of biblical stories.


We all entered in a "Wonderful journey" in which we will explore the main events presented in the Bible. We have already learned how God created the world and us humans.
This month God gave me the opportunity to proclaim the Gospel to a young man in a neighboring village. I was leaving the store when he asked me if I go to Milcoveni.

I told him that I could take him to the exit of  Icoana ( the village I live in), but then I realized that the Lord guided me in this man’s way to talk to him about the eternal life in the Lord Jesus, so I decided to drive him all the way to his home. 

I drove as slowly as possible to have the time to talk with him.  He told me he wanted to go to take some money and then to go to a prostitute. He also said he was 18 years old and wants to have fun as much as possible and as long as he can and that everything that matters to him are money, women and cars. I took a glance at him and I realized he was drunk. In that same time I was seeing myself before I met Christ.

I told him there were more important things in life than money and women or cars. I also shared how God worked in my life at the age of 18 when I was thrown by a car. God has shown His power in my life and had arisen me from under the car without any bone fracture, but only with small wounds while the bike I was on had been completely destroyed.

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The young man was astonished and overwhelmed by what I shared. I pray that God will reveal to Him and make Him a child of His. Please pray for the salvation of this soul.

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