God's Grace in Action

Hello! December and January were beautiful, difficult and full of suspense for us as a missionary family and for our ministry in Icoana.

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They were beautiful because we rejoiced in God’s grace pour out on us and on the ministry in Icoana, Olt county. The Lord answered our prayers regarding the ministry house where we live in.

Many have prayed for this need: first us, the missionaries in the area, brothers and sisters from far and from near, the missionary teams that came here.

God send a man and he took care of all the repairs needed in the house and all our needs, so we can have a warm and welcoming place for us and for our child, Caleb Ciudesnic.

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His birth was the other reason for which these months were beautiful. We rejoiced to see God’s grace and His kindness in these very special moments for us as a family.
They were difficult because all this time the ministry stalled, and we lived most of the time in Bucharest. It also difficult because my wife had to stay almost three weeks in the hospital with the baby.

Also, the churches that we serve felt our absence, especially the kids with which we did not meet all this time.

They were full of suspense because we did not how much the team of workers will manage to do in two weeks; they could only stay just for two weeks. And after that we did not know if we could return in optimal conditions of temperature and humidity. Of course, the most exciting moment was when we finally managed to stay all three, as a family, and the day when we returned to Icoana. Now we are all well, healthy and back in the ministry that God entrusted us.
Even in this time, God helped us to prepare the period that will follow. We established new connections to collaborate in ministry and even set 22-24 July as a special week for mission in partnership with a group of youths from Tulcea, our hometown.

Praise God with us for all these reasons because all the power is His, in heaven and earth, and pray with us in the next period, for all these new projects so that the Lord will be glorified and for the people, to be able to see God’s love for them.