Lots of joy in a box


This year, through the power God gave us and with packages from CHF, we managed to offer some presents to people from Ursoaia, a village in Icoana, where we want to see the Gospel shining bright.

Ursoaia it’s a village with approximately 400 inhabitants and none of them is a Christian. Through the gifts we gave, we had the opportunity to tell them about “the most precious gift” received from God: Jesus Christ. Also, we offered them the Word of God where they can find more details about this precious gift. It’s amazing to see the joy on their sad faces and how much their hearts open for the Gospel, to know more about the gift we talked about. I asked some of them questions like “What we celebrate on Christmas?” or “Why do we offer gifts only now and not the entire year?” and they didn’t know the answers but they were happy to find out. I told them that the reason for giving gifts on Christmas is the fact that God was the first to give and we do that so the people can remember His gift.

Sharing the Gospel in this way caused them embarrassment for their lack of knowledge but on the other side, the Holy Spirit woke up their curiosity which made them to say “Maybe you can visit us again sometime because we didn’t know the answers to your questions”. We pray and we ask you to join us in prayer for the establishment of a fellowship group in this village! May God open and prepare the hearts of these people!

Octavian Ciudesnic - PIEI Missionary