October 2017


October was a month of preparation for us. Along with the church brothers I sorted and prepared the clothes we received from a church in Timișoara for the next month when we will invite the local children with their parents to choose what they need. We try to be close to those in need and bring hope in Jesus Christ in their hearts.

A joy we had this month was the visit I made with my wife in Tulcea (the city we grew up and met). It was really refreshing to come back after three years and stay more with our loved ones. This visit I also made for Icona`s mision field. With this occasion we purchased the furniture for the pastoral house and presented the mission work with its needs to the church in which we both grew up. God has poured out His blessing and helped us to pay for all the furniture and even pouring new bounties of blessings. God especially responded to the prayer the children that we work with had -  to have a video projector (a larger screen they say) to be able to watch Christian cartoons and sing together.

Please keep us in your prayers as our heavenly Father answers the prayers of His children!