Our God - The Only Healer


May the peace of God fill up your hearts in these days while we celebrate the birth of Jesus!

We pray that God will cover you with His blessings and give you joy in His presence!

Recently, I met a man named Viorel. He is 52 years old. He is part of an orthodox family and he has a very difficult situation. He has one hand amputated and because he had to work to provide for his family, the hand infected and it’s in a very bad shape. He was hospitalized a short time for investigations and now we wait for the results to see if he has cancer or not.

Please pray for his soul because I told him about the salvation that Jesus can offer and now he knows that only God can heal him physically and spiritually!

Pray for his healing and for his family because he is the only one able to work. Also, pray for his child because he also has a handicap.

We thank you for your prayers and we will keep you up to date with his situation.

God bless you and Merry Christmas!

Daniel Serbanescu - PIEI Missionary