Looking Ahead

Dear friends,

We pray that this note will find all of you in a pace that only God can give. We (the team here in Daneasa/Olt) wish all of you the joy of the Lord in your hearts. We thank you for your prayers that are lifted to the throne of mercy for us here on the mission field. We are greeting you with Ephesians 2:22 “You, too, are being built in him, along with the others, into a place for God’s Spirit to dwell”.

Old Sanctuary


You are looking at the picture where we are gathering every Sunday morning with 20 persons including kids. The place is 15’x15’ a room where we are praising God for His goodness until now and rejoicing for His marcy from now on. We honor God for this place where a few gather around singing songs, kids program, and bible study.


First brick


New Building

By God’s grace we finished the foundation this summer and as fo today we started to put the first brick as walls on the building. A building multifunctional as a sanctuary for gathering with people from the village, a room for different events, a place for Sunday school for kids, mother and child room, kitchen, bathroom, two shops. One for carpenter and one for sewing (tailoring shop) Beside the rooms we are making space, rooms for teams that are coming to stay for a short period of time!

At this time we are working to finished the exterior walls, before the winter, and because we have the bricks for only that part, and the connection corners from the concrete with all the metal bars that goes into it. We still need the bricks for the interior walls which we do not have yet.

Ephesians 1:13  You, too, have heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation. When you believed in the Messiah, you were sealed with the promised Holy Spirit,

Pray for us as we are starting the walls that we will not stop working until we are finished the building. This is a test for us, a challenge for us, however we are trusting in Him. We believed that sooner then later we will be gathering there.

Prayer request;

  • Pray for fonds to finished the entire building so we can be there as soon as possible.

  • Pray for the wether to cooperate so we can work easily.

  • Pray for the work that we started with the kids and the youth.

  • Pray for the women that are christian and non christian.

  • Pray for the people in Daneasa.

    As right now we need the interior walls, bricks that are costing us $700. 00. The metal bars and the cement another$500.00.

    Thank you for being a part of our ministry here where God is place us, and thank you for the willingness of helping hand in whatever God place in your heart.

    In Christ

    Daniel and Mihaela Serbanescu