News from Coteana

This period was somehow busy and new for us as a family as our son, Dominic has been born and I’ve tried to be efficient in working for the Lord but also to learn how to face the challenges in having a baby.


This summer some people who hear the call of Jesus and are obedient to His call came and helped us to push the work forward. We praise God that together we had the opportunity to give a New Testament to almost every house in Coteana, we had special programs for the children, we did home visits and provided food for the poor people from the village and we shared the Gospel on the streets of this village. We believe that God is so faithful and He works in His ways and according to His timing and He will search the hearts of people so that they can be saved! We would like to ask you to pray for a lady that is coming to our church meetings regularly since last year. God searched her heart and she realized that she is a sinner in need of a savior, she expressed her desire of being baptized but she has second thoughts. Please pray for Celia to fully understand the importance of the baptism and to be devoted to Christ. We believe that God will answer our prayers!

Besides mission work, we were able to do some improvements to the mission house that we live in. This month we managed to demolish an old building from the yard. We praise God that finally this thing was possible, because it was a long process in obtaining the necessary paperwork for the demolition. We are happy that we have also replaced the entry door (the old one was not good and during the winter we had snow entering in the hall). We still have a lot of things to do before the winter, please pray that God will give us strength to not be discouraged and to give us strength and the necessary funds to renovate the old house.