Selimbar Mission School / Youth Ministry Coteana

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This month, through God's Grace, we were able to be part of a mission school in Selimbar, where we had a blessed time and had the opportunity to share with other missionaries our experience and the way God is working in Coteana.


 At the same time we were encouraged by the way God is working in different parts of the country. We thank God for this time, because we were able to have fellowship with Him and to strengthen our spirits.

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Another thing that we are grateful for is that we had the opportunity to take few teenagers from Coteana to a youth meeting in Draganesti-Olt, where they could learn about how they can have Jesus as a friend.

Please pray for them, so that God may touch their hearts so that they would desire Jesus as a friend.

God gave us  few days with nice weather so we could go out on the streets to share the Gospel with people from Coteana by giving them New Testaments. We met a man to whom we have shared the Good News and we also invited him to our Church meeting. God is faithful and keeps his Word, and we can only praise Him that the next Sunday this man came to our meeting, being deeply moved by the Word of God. 

Please pray for us that God may use us powerfully in this place and that He search the hearts of people! Be blessed!