Firewoods for Poor Families

This month God has blessed us with a donation in order to buy firewood for six poor families from Coteana. One of these people is a widow with health isues where I went to help her cracking and depositing the firewood and on this occasion I had the opportunity to share the Gospel.

Please pray for all these people, so that they can see how God is working in there lives and how He loves them and provides their needs.

During this time we started a demolition project for an annex from our yard, so we can have access to the garden and to have more space in the yard.

We praise God and we are thankful that we had no problems in obtaining the permission.

Starting this month God made possibly to go to a young man's grandparents from Hope church to share the Gospel. His parents are in Spain at work, and this young man is living together with his grandparents and his brother. We went to visit them and share the Gospel. So, pray that this young man to be a light for his grandparents and by God willing the seed of the Gospel to bare fruit in their hearts.

We thank you for your support in prayer. God Bless You!