Celebrating the Birth of Jesus


This month, among the ordinary activities we had some special events through whom God used us and we trust that He worked in the hearts of the people: in Coteana, in  the beginning of the month we had an evangelistic event, where new people attended and we are happy that they heard the Gospel, please pray for them that the Holy Spirit will search their hearts. This month, i had the opportunity of spending more time with Alex, the teenager that i disciple and I've observed how God is searching his heart when we have Bible study. Please pray that he will be born again.

As December is a special month, when people are more open, through the Grace of God and with the support of some people, we organized a trip for the children from Coteana to Craiova.


 The children enjoyed the Christmas lights, they had the opportunity of riding electric cars for children and they ate delicious food (for this children, this trip meant a lot, because most of them never had the opportunity of having a trip of travelling in other places). 

By God's Grace and with the special occasion of The Celebration of Jesus birth, God lead us into having a special Christmas lunch withe the people that are coming to the weekly meetings: we had a blessed fellowship, people received gifts and they were deeply moved by the warmth that they felt.

We pray that through all this things may God bring fruits and to Him be the Glory! 

Have a blessed year with Jesus Christ!