November 2017


This summer we’ve started the renovation work at the house we live in, our desire was to build a bathroom before winter. We’ve seen how God has been working and even when we were out of money and materials, He kept His promises and once again He showed us His kindness by sending the right people at the right moment to help us build the bathroom. Only by God’s help and grace we managed to finish the bathroom this month! God sent us among people and because we want to know them more, spend time with them, this month we started weekly meetings where we have special fellowship: everybody has the chance to share their problems, blessings and moments of joy, we pray for one another, we listen testimonies that encourage us to love God more and of course we serve tea and cookies. We praise God that He is using these meetings to work in people’s hearts. Please pray for us that God will give us wisdom and grace in everything that we do and also for the people