News from Coteana

This period was somehow busy and new for us as a family as our son, Dominic has been born and I’ve tried to be efficient in working for the Lord but also to learn how to face the challenges in having a baby.


This summer some people who hear the call of Jesus and are obedient to His call came and helped us to push the work forward. We praise God that together we had the opportunity to give a New Testament to almost every house in Coteana, we had special programs for the children, we did home visits and provided food for the poor people from the village and we shared the Gospel on the streets of this village. We believe that God is so faithful and He works in His ways and according to His timing and He will search the hearts of people so that they can be saved! We would like to ask you to pray for a lady that is coming to our church meetings regularly since last year. God searched her heart and she realized that she is a sinner in need of a savior, she expressed her desire of being baptized but she has second thoughts. Please pray for Celia to fully understand the importance of the baptism and to be devoted to Christ. We believe that God will answer our prayers!

Besides mission work, we were able to do some improvements to the mission house that we live in. This month we managed to demolish an old building from the yard. We praise God that finally this thing was possible, because it was a long process in obtaining the necessary paperwork for the demolition. We are happy that we have also replaced the entry door (the old one was not good and during the winter we had snow entering in the hall). We still have a lot of things to do before the winter, please pray that God will give us strength to not be discouraged and to give us strength and the necessary funds to renovate the old house.

Selimbar Mission School / Youth Ministry Coteana

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This month, through God's Grace, we were able to be part of a mission school in Selimbar, where we had a blessed time and had the opportunity to share with other missionaries our experience and the way God is working in Coteana.


 At the same time we were encouraged by the way God is working in different parts of the country. We thank God for this time, because we were able to have fellowship with Him and to strengthen our spirits.

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Another thing that we are grateful for is that we had the opportunity to take few teenagers from Coteana to a youth meeting in Draganesti-Olt, where they could learn about how they can have Jesus as a friend.

Please pray for them, so that God may touch their hearts so that they would desire Jesus as a friend.

God gave us  few days with nice weather so we could go out on the streets to share the Gospel with people from Coteana by giving them New Testaments. We met a man to whom we have shared the Good News and we also invited him to our Church meeting. God is faithful and keeps his Word, and we can only praise Him that the next Sunday this man came to our meeting, being deeply moved by the Word of God. 

Please pray for us that God may use us powerfully in this place and that He search the hearts of people! Be blessed!

Firewoods for Poor Families

This month God has blessed us with a donation in order to buy firewood for six poor families from Coteana. One of these people is a widow with health isues where I went to help her cracking and depositing the firewood and on this occasion I had the opportunity to share the Gospel.

Please pray for all these people, so that they can see how God is working in there lives and how He loves them and provides their needs.

During this time we started a demolition project for an annex from our yard, so we can have access to the garden and to have more space in the yard.

We praise God and we are thankful that we had no problems in obtaining the permission.

Starting this month God made possibly to go to a young man's grandparents from Hope church to share the Gospel. His parents are in Spain at work, and this young man is living together with his grandparents and his brother. We went to visit them and share the Gospel. So, pray that this young man to be a light for his grandparents and by God willing the seed of the Gospel to bare fruit in their hearts.

We thank you for your support in prayer. God Bless You!

Celebrating the Birth of Jesus


This month, among the ordinary activities we had some special events through whom God used us and we trust that He worked in the hearts of the people: in Coteana, in  the beginning of the month we had an evangelistic event, where new people attended and we are happy that they heard the Gospel, please pray for them that the Holy Spirit will search their hearts. This month, i had the opportunity of spending more time with Alex, the teenager that i disciple and I've observed how God is searching his heart when we have Bible study. Please pray that he will be born again.

As December is a special month, when people are more open, through the Grace of God and with the support of some people, we organized a trip for the children from Coteana to Craiova.


 The children enjoyed the Christmas lights, they had the opportunity of riding electric cars for children and they ate delicious food (for this children, this trip meant a lot, because most of them never had the opportunity of having a trip of travelling in other places). 

By God's Grace and with the special occasion of The Celebration of Jesus birth, God lead us into having a special Christmas lunch withe the people that are coming to the weekly meetings: we had a blessed fellowship, people received gifts and they were deeply moved by the warmth that they felt.

We pray that through all this things may God bring fruits and to Him be the Glory! 

Have a blessed year with Jesus Christ!

November 2017


This summer we’ve started the renovation work at the house we live in, our desire was to build a bathroom before winter. We’ve seen how God has been working and even when we were out of money and materials, He kept His promises and once again He showed us His kindness by sending the right people at the right moment to help us build the bathroom. Only by God’s help and grace we managed to finish the bathroom this month! God sent us among people and because we want to know them more, spend time with them, this month we started weekly meetings where we have special fellowship: everybody has the chance to share their problems, blessings and moments of joy, we pray for one another, we listen testimonies that encourage us to love God more and of course we serve tea and cookies. We praise God that He is using these meetings to work in people’s hearts. Please pray for us that God will give us wisdom and grace in everything that we do and also for the people


October 2017

This month, we had the opportunity to be helped in the ministry, by another missionary and together we have visited a group of people from the village in order to encourage them, share the good news of salvation and pray with them. In one of the lady's house we had the chance to evangelize her son in law and God touched him and he came to our church meetings few times.


We pray that God will search his heart and to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

At the end of the month we have celebrated in the harvest day with thanksgiving: we had a special guest which shared the Word of God and his testimony and people were deeply moved. After the church service we had a fellowship with cookies and we had the opportunity to talk with people in order to know them better. One of my goals is to connect with the teenagers and youth from this village and try to make a youth group: in the summer we met Alex, a teenager, and this month we invited him to our house to spend time together and know each other better.

 I was amazed on how God is working and he started to visit us more often and he came also to our church meetings, please pray for him.