"The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few" (Matthew 9:37).

This past week, we were beyond blessed. We had the privilege to work with a World Race squad and also with their parents when they came to Romania for the PVT (Parent Vision Trip) to join their children in ministry. We also had with us a choir group from Texas who came here for 10 days to bless us with the gift that God put in them. God sent us workers to help in His field and we were honored to be the hands and feet of Jesus alongside them.

The first big event we had was a children's event in Draganesti-Olt. We were more than happy to have over 100 children willing to hear more about God and to have fun with us while we showed them the love of our Father through bible stories, bible verses, songs, games and painting. At the end, we blessed them with gifts because we want them to know that life in God's presence is full of abundance.

Next day, we travelled to Craiova for the Joshua prayer walk and a social event. While marching around the University, we prayed for the city, for its people and for the missionaries who are working there for the growth of God's Kingdom. Just like the people of Israel who marched around Jericho to conquer it, we also prayed for the spiritual walls of Craiova to fall and to see people coming to Christ. In the afternoon, we had a blessed fellowship at the social gathering. Many people came and, while we could hear a glimpse of heaven thanks to the Baylor University choir, we were able to share testimonies, to encourage each other and to pray together. During this event, a racer named Ashley shared her testimony with us and God reminded us once again that even if we have all the money in the world, a good job, a car and a house, we can't be truly happy if we don't have Jesus in our lives. β€”One of the men who came to the event said that we brought angels to sing for them and he even came to our gathering on Sunday with a friend. We had another lady who was so touched at the event that came to our weekly gathering on Sunday. She said that she now understands that having eternal life means that you need to have Jesus in your life.β€”

On the last day of PVT, we went to Maldaeni with the purpose of reaching the locals through our Eyeglass ministry and by giving out New Testaments to each home. With the help of the local church, we had the possibility to do blood pressure and blood sugar tests and also to give free eyeglasses to the ones in need. However, the most important thing during this event was the fact that these people also received spiritual help. We had prayer stations that were willing to listen to their problems, to encourage them and to pray for them. God sent us more people than we expected and at the end of the day, more than 100 people received spiritual counseling, bibles and eyeglasses.

We give thanks to God for giving us the strength and resources to be a blessing to everyone who came to these events. We are also grateful for the help of the World Racers, their parents and the choir group from Texas. Even though we are from different countries and states, one thing connects us: we are labourers together with God and everything we do is for His glory!

Raul Costea - National Director PIEI / Romania