It Is Hope: For a City of 300,000 people


It Is Hope: For a City of 300,000 people

Parent Vision Trip (PVT) event and Hope Church Stage II for their Craiova Church plant event  - and both took place the same week!

The heart behind the event in Craiova was to be able to bring the church community to the people in Craiova, instead of asking them to come into church community – which may be uncomfortable or foreign for them. The goals of the event were to enter into Phase II of the Church planting process. Phase II involves making a loud noise in the community in order to let people know about Hope Church and what it is all about. In this way we hope to find and connect with those people who will be committed to the Church plant – basically growing and establishing the committed members of the church there in Craiova.

Out of the seven teams sent to Romania, one of the World Race teams was specifically sent to Craiova for the month in order to spend time developing relationships with the locals and inviting people to come to the “special English conversational event on April 26th”.

On that day the team left for Craiova, dinner packed and prayers being prayed, we arrived early afternoon and began setting up the room with worship, both in English and Romanian. Parents and Racers moved around their assigned tables praying for the people who would occupy them.
We had no idea how many total people would show up, but we prayed and we worshiped God for whatever He would do with what we had to offer and had prepared. We set up the tables with snacks, water, and information cards and then we waited. Slowly people began to trickle in. From here and there in the room there were happy shouts of greetings as parents and Racers spotted the people they had invited. We had confirmed around 10 tables worth of people showing up – and to the glory of God we filled all 23 prepared tables with only a few chairs to spare!
The room quickly became a sea of voices as conversation started – interrupted twice by testimonies shared from the front, and then the main speaker, Clint from AIM who generously agreed to come and speak at our event. Clint shared an interesting perspective of who we choose to be from the story found in John 8. “Which group do you want to be in?” he asked.
Afterwards, an older gentleman – a former well known Officer in Romania approached Pastor Raul to share how he felt as if he was in bondage! Pastor Raul shared the hope of the gospel with him and the man responded, “This event must happen in every city in Romania!” He shared how he felt there was a curse over the whole nation and that the nation needed to be set free from it. Many other participants shared with the Racers, PVT parents, and translators that they felt the love of God – and there were people prayed for and even saved!

We hope and pray that Hope Church Craiova will be known in this way: a place where the love of God is felt, and people are set free from their bondage.

Please continue to partner with us in 5 specific ways:

  1. Prayer: This can be 5 minutes a day – or 5 minutes a week. However short or long, we expect God to do powerful things through your prayers!
  2. Encouragement/Mentorship: Our missionaries here need people who are willing to invest in their spiritual and emotional lives
  3. Mobilization: We need people who will come and bring or send us physical partners throughout the year
  4. Promotion: We need people to help spread the word of what God is doing here and what we need partnerships in
  5. Finances: Everything takes some form of finances – whether that is supplies sent to us, people partnering with us to buy items made by people in the surrounding community in order that those people can stay with their families, - bibles for our Bible In Every Home ministry, eye glasses for our glasses ministry (so they can read the bibles), etc. We make all our financial needs and spending records available if requested – and all our different ministries can be found on our website


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