Craiova Prison Ministry

Craiova Prison Ministry


Matthew 25:36 "I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me."

For the past two years God has been giving us a chance to minister in a Prison that both males and females ages 15-25 are helping in. Along with our brother in the faith Viorel, we have been gift with the ability to present the gospel to High Security Inmates some from all kinds of backgrounds many of which are murders. This past month we attended a meeting once again and with a group of short term teen missionaries. The service is held mainly in small group form with an ability to hear the gospel through testimonies and asking questions.

During this past time a young woman (we will call her Jane Doe) asked to speak with Viorel. She informed us that she is a muslim who is wanting to turn to God and not go back to her way of living. She will be shortly be released, her sentenced has been completed and asked if there way any way she could be integrated into a church.

As I heard her story I started to think about what will happen to these people as they leave. Will they have a place to go, a job, a relationship with Jesus? Was she telling the truth, does she truly want to know HIM? I have been thinking about this lately and have started to pray that maybe Craiova will become a place to house them, train them and integrate them.

Please pray with me as this is brought before God daily,  that I will clearly hear if this is His direction for the Craiova ministry. Pray also for this girl, and to see if this is the correct place for her, and of her sincerity in her conversion along with the others who have prayed and responded to the message we have been bringing. If this is His will pray for a place to house them, the knowledge of how to help them heal and most importantly the changing of hearts. 

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