Pray for Craiova

At the beginnning of the year, in our Sunday morning meetings in Craiova, we began a comprehensive study of stories from the Bible, beginning with Genesis.  Our hope is that the non-Christians who attend these meetings will become familiar with the Bible and the messages within it.  Each meeting includes a time where we break into small groups to discuss what we are learning.  There are some people attending these meetings who are interested in what they have heard, and the Holy Spirit is working in their hearts.  One of them is a man named Liviu, who has been reading and studying the Scriptures and seeking to truly understand.  It is evident that God is at work in his heart, and we have seen evidence of new spiritual and moral convictions in his life.

We were excited this month to welcome two new young workers to our ministry in Craiova, Emanuel and Eli.  Both of them are eager to reach the elderly population in the area, and Eli is also planning to start an English club.

On April 26th, we are planning an event in the center of Craiova for 200-300 people.  Please pray for wisdom as we advertise this event, and that many would come and would be open to the truth of the gospel.

Please pray for more workers for our team, for the event in April, and that we would find more people to partner with us in our work in Craiova. 

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