E2E Students in Action

The E2E students have been busy working through the course curriculum and practicums. With six modules completed or touched upon out of the total of ten, they are starting to get into the heart of the curriculum. They were transported to the North West of Romanian and given opportunities at the local churches to present their ministries. Some have hit the streets evangelizing,  others have started to work on their mission field in Balanesti (a village just north of Draganesti-Olt). Please pray that they grow in their studies, personal walk with God, and knowledge


Huddled in the small kitchen in the  village of Bala Nesti, just north of Draganesti-Olt a group of women still dressed in layers patiently waited. With one more opportunity to spread the good news of the gospel the E2E student missionaries had invited them to participate in receiving used clothing from a foreign land.

 Sadly these women are not yet “repenters” as the local religion calls the Hope Church attendees, but have been slowly learning about who Jesus is and what he had done for them.

But even still in this small village with yards full of mud, cold air streaming through the old windows, and kitchens warmed with sticks God is present. He has not forgotten these people and through is divine goodness has orchestrated his loving kindness with blessings even in a place blessings are hard to come by. He is willing to meet them where they are at, and show them he is a personal God who loves them individually. He has been calling harvesters to Hope Church and slowly they are coming with the E2E program leading the way. 

 The region of Oltenia is known to be a place where people rarely return to God. However there are individuals who God calls despite what’s culturally normal. Alex is one of the young man who despite the odds came to know God in a personal way. In the autumn of 2017, Alex was a young believer out of the village Comani. He had been invited by the church, attended and then started being assisted in his spiritual life and his social life. Alex grew up in a troubled family, with a mother who abandoned him at the age of twelve and a father who suffered from serious drinking problems. Being constrained to leave his family home, he was brought by the local City Hall in Draganesti-Olt into my office and I was asked to take custody of him. Sixteen years earlier I was approached in a similar experience by a women unable to take care of her son, another boy named Alex.

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 17.47.30.png

The decision I made so many years before had changed forever the young man’s life. As the Mayor stood asking for him I was compelled to once again step forward and allow God to change yet another life.

A month after he came into my care he knelt in his room alone and opened his heart to Jesus Christ.

The week before we had taken him on a trip to Craiova to present the gospel, this opened him up to search his soul and started him down the path to repentance.

Since then I have seen a heart that wants to serve God and others.


What however has impressed me the most is his willingness to maintain himself even though he is in 10th grade. He doesn’t complain about his family situation, even though most in his situation would. Please pray that he continues to grown in a life filled with Christ.

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