"Deep calls to Deep"

Psalm 42:7 “Deep calls to deep at the sound of Your waterfalls; All Your breakers and Your waves have rolled over me.”

A pit is a reality that we are experiencing for many years, and that is the baptismal pit and the baptismal service.

In Romania, especially in the Southern region where we are, to choose to be baptized as an adult, means you forsake your family’s traditional religion, and this can bring some serious repercussions in the life of a believer. Sometimes it means isolation from family, friends, problems at school, work, lack of community benefits, verbal and physical persecution.

Because of this, believer’s baptism means courage, an act of bravery to which five committed people made their public faith statement on Sunday night during the baptismal service.

At this special occasion, just as it is to other baptismal services, we use this as an opportunity to share the Gospel, call to repentance, and surrender to Christ.

That evening when I had to preach to more than 150 people the Word of God and present the call to repentance, I stood before God, and instead of having a heart full of compassion for the lost souls, I had a heart full of troubles and unrest, as a result of a very stressful week, with too many things on my mind.

I had an hour before the beginning of the worship service, and my heart was not yet connected to the power of God.

So I retreated to my office and I confessed to the Lord my worries and unrest. I told Him that in that state I felt unqualified to preach His eternal Word and asked Him for a miracle so that I can see the people entering the church hallway and have compassion for them, just as Jesus himself would see and have.

Therefore today I can say that when the time came for me to give the invitation for salvation and the call to repentance and saw that ten people came forward, It was the work and the power of the Holy Spirit delivered through a weak and powerless vessel that God has used that night.

I am convinced that your prayers for me drew the power of God, so I could preach with clarity when I was pressed and assaulted by worries by the enemy.

Pray for these people to be sure of their salvation, prepared and courageous to be the next candidates for baptism!

Raul Costea-PIE-National Director