Cemetery and the fire - a lesson for a student

Hello! I hope this Thanksgiving Day finds you healthy, well and full of joy. I know family is a value for American Christian culture, which is why I rejoice with you as I think of you seeing your loved ones. I hope you enjoy your time together!

You are a vital part of our lives and work, including forming a new generation of missionaries. As you know, God has given me the vision of raising up new missionaries, so we are now in the second generation of E2E program (Equipped to Equip) project.


Luca, one of our students, was very surprised one day when I told them they would start the lesson that morning by walking through the cemetery. Wow! Why? What's the idea? What happened? But those few minutes spent in the cemetery gave the students a new view of life, and a new perspective, perhaps more than a thousand words. Many students have realized that we are frail and passers-by in this life. They also saw that both the young and the old are dying, and the only chance to get to know God is here and now.

A sense of urgency has been activated in their lives, meaning they will be the voice of God for those who are lost around them starting now. It was a tough lesson, but a lesson that has left its mark in their lives. That day Luca realized even more people’s need for God, and the importance of hearing the Word of God for their lives now.

A few weeks after our visit to the cemetery, the same man (Luca) got a phone call saying that everything he had worked many years for was burned. His house, which he fought to own by working abroad and gathering every penny, was gone in just a few hours. The shock was great, but his attitude to submit to God’s divine will, and to accept God's plan, was amazing. Without complaining, he realized that we all are vulnerable and travelers on this earth and this brought extra motivation to his soul to spread the Gospel.

The walk through the cemetery, and the burned house were two hard lessons for just one of the E2E students. The Lord Jesus once said, "No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God" , and now this truth is part of this student’s life.

I want to thank you for all you do (prayer, encouragement and financially) to raise up missionaries . Let's not forget that the lessons of the cemetery and of the burning house are for all of us, and to spread the gospel here and now wherever we are. We often remember you in prayer, and thank God for your part in our work.

Raul Costea