June 2017

In this past month, we had the privilege of hosting another Parent Vision Trip (PVT), where the parents come to do ministry alongside the World Race. While they were here, over 4,000 people were reached with the Gospel through the New Testament project in Craiova and evangelism in the streets. Just as Romans 15:21 says, “Rather, as it is written: ‘Those who were not told about him will see, and those who have not heard will understand.’” Also, PVT helped to facilitate a children’s event. The children’s coordinator, Dorothy, organizes an event once a year where around 200 children from each children ministry in Olt County are brought together to learn about Jesus. We praise God for the opportunity to share the Gospel with so many who are lost and hopeless.

Additionally, there was a short-term team in Draganesti for a week. They participated in kid’s ministry and facilitated a VBS during their time here. Also, they passed out New Testaments in Osica, the village of our missionary partners. Over 2,000 people were exposed to the Gospel through the Bibles and evangelism that lead to many personal conversations. While I was sharing the Gospel with some of the people in the village, a man began to curse at me. Later, I found out that he used to lead a group of people who did the Calusarul, a pagan dance stemming from 

roots of superstition. He came to tell me that I needed to stop because he did not want the Gospel in his village. Thanks to God’s grace, I was able to continue to share the Gospel with more people in the town that day. Often, people in the villages are under demonic influence and bring intense spiritual resistance to the Gospel. This is a common encounter as we go into new villages. Please be in constant prayer that we will be protected by God in each village we enter, that the light of Christ would dismantle all darkness.

For an update on my family, Ana passed her written exam for driving and had her driving test on September 5th. Please be praying for her as she prepares for the test as well as for the ability to pass. Most police officers will fail an individual the first time if the driver does not bribe them, so pray that they will pass her on the basis of her ability. Samuel has finished his exams and will be attending seminary in Bucharest this fall. Please pray for him as he has additional exams in mid-July for university and a driving test at the end of July. We ask that you would also pray for our son, Jonathan. He has grown up in the church, but we see the need of him developing a personal relationship with God and discernment to use his summer wisely. For Vera, pray for her involvement with kids ministry as has a heart and desire to serve the children of our community. Personally, please be praying for the transition as I delegate more pastoral responsibilities to others and step into a mission focus of reaching new villages.

In Christ,

Raul Costea