March 2017

"...Go into all the world and preach
the Gospel to every creature" Mark
16:15. This is a command I received
from the Lord and I applied it through
the "New Testament for Every House"
Craiova is a city of 300,000 people
where we had the opportunity to
distribute a few hundred New
Testament's. We had a few
opportunities to share the Gospel with
people on the street. We met a family
who rejected us at first, but after
further discussion they invited the
group into their house to talk more
about the subject. While being shown
around the house, we were able to
deliver the Gospel to the family in a
way that was relevant to their life,
specifically talking about faith by acts.
The names of that family were Nelu
and Maria, and we would like to invite
you to join us in prayer for them.
I would also like to inform you about
the work of the Holy Spirit in the
Valcea. At the beginning of the month,
I visited a church in Valcea where I
preached the Gospel and was able to
meet with the committee from that
church. We were able to talk about the
work that is happening in that city. I
had not yet created a vision for Valcea,
but after the meeting I realised that a
lot of prayer must come before
anything else can happen in Valcea.
Thank you for being faithful in prayer for
our ministry and continuing to encourage
us. We are excited for big things to happen
in Valcea, and we know that God is with
us! Thank you for serving God with us!