February 2017

Dear partners,
It is always a challenge for me to write a ministry update because I have to combine routine ministry activities with the spontaneous activities and events that occur each month.

In Acts 14:27, we see how the apostle Paul sent a ministry report to share what God was
doing through him and his ministries. In the same way, this report is to share what God has
done through my ministry here in Oltenia.

The month of February was a month full of many activities, but much of my time was spent
counseling and advising others. It started by ministering to someone who lost a loved one,
but it also included advising other missionaries in their ministries.

God gave me many areas of ministry. Even though it was an exhausting time for me, just as
Paul says in Acts 14:22, my soul was satisfied to know that all were encouraged and
strengthened in the Lord. I want to share a few experiences I had this month in order for you to
see God’s goodness and praise Him for it.

1. I equipped, assisted and motivated our brother Beni Ciopasiu as he took on the role of the coordinator of the ministries in Dolj county.
2. I also was involved in a funeral service. It was the first Christian funeral in this village. There was a lot of opposition from the priest in the village, but God gave us victory and we had the
opportunity to be an example to the people there. Even though a funeral brings
sadness and pain, it can also be an opportunity to glorify God through the sharing of
the gospel.
3. The mission of our church is to fulfill both the physical and spiritual needs of the people in our community. With God’s help, I had the opportunity to help a few families in need. One particular family lives at our church Social House. They have been coming to our church and are interested in the gospel. We were able to raise money and buy for them 40
chickens. Our hope is that this project will help them in their lives.

Prayer requests:
 For a new mission team to work in Vâlcea county. Wisdom to develop
a missionary strategy for this area, and for the guidance of the HolySpirit.
 Wisdom to equip the following workers: Alex Tudoroiu, George Bulfan, Sorin Caragea, and
Veronica Palcau.
 Wisdom for the spiritual and emotional investment in my children, Samuel and Ionatan.

Thank you for your prayers,
encouragement and financial support.