Updates from January

Dear partners,

“...always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Ephs 5:20

This verse talks about being thankful in every situation in our lives. I hadthe opportunity to apply this verse during the month of January. Together with missionaries and workers of Hope church attended to a conference where we were taught to preach the Word of God corectly. This wasa thing to be thankful to God for. Pastors from USA came to spend time with us, to teach us what they know and to help us to be more eficient in the ministry we do . I continued to do my routine activities and I had to be thaknful in this situation too.  And than I hadto be thankful when Sami was sick and my wife stayed with him in the hospital two weeks. It wasn’t easy but I noticed a few things. First God remain faithful and hears our prayers in trouble times. Second I noticed how important is to be part of God’s body, His church.We have seen how our brothers and sisters all over prayed for Sami and for our family. We are thankful to God for this too. We thank you for all your prayers.

Sami is ok now, he has a special diet and we praise God that He was with us in this hard times. I couldn’t focus so well for the ministry but I believe it was so important to stay close to my son.  For him this sickness was something new in his life and God revealed Himself to Sami in a new way. It was part of his journeywith His Heavenly Father and for me this was ajoy.

I was in the Potter’s hands. I let my Potter toform His image in me. Sami’s sickness was the tool God has used to mold my character.

And I also know “ that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Rom8:28