September 2017

As most of you know, I have two major jobs. One, to coordinate Hope Church ministry in the southern part of Romania and the Balkans Countries, and the other being a national director for P.I.E.I. organization, which brings me the responsibility to facilitate equipping teams for our missionaries that are in this organization both in the North and South side of Romania. For the first time since I have had these two jobs, I was able to host a squad with more than 35 people in the South and over 40 people in the North. Having about 80 people to administrate in ministry was not an easy job because of the six hour distance between the North and South as both of these jobs require my coordination and assistance. As a result of the work in the month of September, God brought us hundreds of testimonies of how Christ was exposed from passing Bibles out, children's ministry, street evangelism and much more. My words cannot describe the sufficiency of grace we were given this month seeing so many blessings. That is what I am praising God for - the souls that were open to follow Christ and those that were edified in Christ. 

One unique moment that continues to come to mind was the situation when one of the translators for the Americans, Ely Serban, (who was involved in ministry on 

the North side), had just heard that her father died instantly in a car accident. For those who do not know Ely, she is a young member in our church, and years ago she came into my office saying she did not believe God could bless her and be with her. She did not want to finish school, but in that day I had a conversation with her that totally changed her path. She repented, committed to school, was unofficially adopted by a church member, and is in her last year at university. But the day she was involved in ministry and heard that bad news, her three sisters were in the same place at a Christian conference. The youngest sister decided to follow Christ, and ten minutes later, she heard her father died. That moment was so touching to me. I saw the association between the life of Christ being accepted by the girl and the death of her father that is caused by sin in the same family. In a small church like ours, this kind of event would affect the entire church, and because her father belonged to an Orthodox church, we did not organize the funeral. In the midst of the grief, I was able to praise the Lord because we mobilized our church members to be at the funeral, surrounding the girls and covering them with love and prayer. Nonbelievers at the funeral came to us and wanted to become more like us because they saw the love and care we extended to the girls. One of our missionary families has decided to take in the girls into their home so they may be protected. 

Dear friends, brothers, sisters, and precious partners of our ministry, your words of encouragement, prayer, and financial support helped God’s kingdom to be spread even though we went through difficult times. September was again, another month where we were able to restore God's glory in Romania.