August 2017

The month of August has been “the month of divine appointments”. I say so because several times throughout August, the Holy Spirit presented us with both spontaneous divine appointments as well as the opportunity to facilitate interactions with various people. Here are three of those special appointments.  Starting at the beginning of the month we knew that we would have over 100 Americans engaging with our ministry throughout different projects. However, I wanted them to first and foremost be connected with our current missionaries. We began by setting up intentional meetings with various missionaries. As a result, a few of the families formed a relationship with our missionaries and have joined their support team! I especially want to lift up the story of Brinceanu Lucian. Brinceanu is a new recruit in our Craiovan ministry. Through a series of blessings, he was able to begin ministry and was only lacking steady supporters. In interacting with the visiting families, Brinceanu was blessed and appointed with a family that has decided to support him! The Lord amazed me with how perfect his timing was in Brinceanu’s case.

The second divine appointment was a little more spontaneous. In Romania the name Raul is not common. I met a young boy in the street who came to me and, because his name was Raul, it drew my attention.

 I started sharing the Gospel with him. In the beginning he was not able to understand the purpose of Christ coming. At the end he prayed with me to invite Christ into his life. He asked for a Bible as well. We were able to provide him with his first one.

Later, in downtown Craiova a man came to me and asked, "who are these guys?" (He was referring to the 140 people with PVT and translators.) I introduced him to one of our racers without knowing anything about the man who asked for conversation. Later on, when I stepped in to translate I found out that he was half Chinese half Iranian. He has been living in Craiova for thirty years now and is a Muslim. The racer I had asked came from a Muslim family as well. He was able to share the Gospel in a relevant way that really impacted this man. At the end of our conversation he asked for prayer. He said, "I have pain in my body". In front of my eyes I saw a Muslim asking for a Christian to pray over him. He said, "maybe your Jesus can heal me". After our prayer he begged me to exchange phone numbers and said he really wants a follow up of our conversation.

This is why I call them divine appointments.


Being in the right place, at the right time, meeting the right people, for a Godly purpose. I call these divine appointments. In the Bible you see big crowds coming to Jesus but sometimes you see a single person like in Acts chapter 8. In the story of Philip and Ethiopian official coming to the knowledge of Christ because of divine appointments.

I have no words to describe the importance of your prayers so that these types of divine appointments will take place in our ministry. Through them we will be able to glorify God and see people coming to know Christ.


Thank you for being our partners!