October News

Serving God for His Kingdom
God is faithful and he answers our
prayers. I say this because I can see
that He brought workers for Dolj
Country. Every week I go to Craiova to
the Missionary Center to equip them. I
help them to understand the way they
should work together as a team
because they have different giftings
and I want to teach them how they can
compliment each other. The
missionaries and workers in Craiova
have started a cell group and they and
invite visitors to attend. They study the
Word and try to strengthen their
relationship with the nonbelievers who
are attending.
A ministry without prayer is a ministry
without success and we are very
grateful for the team from
Hendersonville, USA. They decided to
have a week of prayer for Craiova.
(verse James 5:16 b The prayer of a
righteous person has great power as it
is working.)
I prepared a bible study for the cell
groups of Hope Church in Draganesti.
We have learned the importance of
public and private worship. The church
was edified by this bible study and I have
seen how the believers have been able to
express themselves uniquely and
creatively. God is the only one that
deserves worship.
I want to close my report with a prayer
request. A teenaged girl named Andrea
came to the church in the summertime.
She has a big desire to study the Bible and
learn about God, but her parents do not
believe that this is a good thing for her.
They believe that we are a false sect of the
church. I have a burden in my heart to
meet her parents, so please pray to have
wisdom, to know when to visit and what
to say.