News from November

In November, I had a good month
equipping the missionaries in Olt and
Dolj counties. This brought me joy and
fulfilled my heart. I saw progress in
their ministries. Please pray for the
missionaries. Pray especially for the
team in Craiova, that God would bring
more people to be missionaries in this
area and for the financial resources
needed. On November 13th we had a
baptism service and I had the privilege
of preaching the gospel at that time. At
the end of the service there were
several people who decided to give
their lives to the Lord. We have started
a class to prepare those people who
are interested in baptism. Please pray
that as these people go deeper in
God’s word that they would have a
greater desire to follow him with their
whole life. Thank you for your prayers,
encouragement and support for me
and my family. It is appreciated.