News from September

The month of September meant a big step fot the ministry in Craiova. We rented a house for the ministry. With God’s grace there is a group of belivers who meet weekly to study the Word of God. Pray that many others to join this group and to give their lives to Jesus Christ. The house can host teams who come to do mission and also here is the office of RED ministry.

As you already probably know Craiova has more than 300.000 people, with a big university who has a big influence in the south of our country. So our mission is strategyc. Please be in prayer for us, for Beni’s and Adrian’s family . Pray that we will remain faithfull to our Lord in this calling. Pray for more missionaries to join this ministry, for more parteners to support this ministry. The costs here are really high.

Together with Hope church committe we organized an event for the local members. The purpose was to have fellowship in a different environment and also to communicate them the direction of our cell groups in the new season. It was a good time studying the Bible and the church really enjoyed it. We visited one of the most historical city in Romania and also we had a beautiful adventure in the mountains. 

I coordinated an event for the people in Draganesti. We offered them eyeglasses. A lot of people came. Our prayer and desire for them is not only to receive eyeglasses but also the eyes of their hearts to be opened through the Gospel so that they can see the love of Christ at the cross. After this event there were persons who have shown interest in knowing more about God. We visited them and we hope that this is the begining of a discipleship process.

Please pray that many more to come to know Jesus as their personal Saviour and that we will continue to look for those who are lost as Jesus did. Thank you so much for your prayers. May God bless you!

Costea Raul

Pastor at Hope Church Draganesti-Olt, Romania