June 2017

I am continuing medical treatment and tests. Tests are done through bio-resonance, a new procedure in Romania and Europe, with Dr. Ioan Gherebeanu who has the necessary equipment. I fully trust God that He will work according to His knowledge and wisdom. In this period, since I could not be out in the field, I set up a new project called “Getting a Savior.” This project is for the non-believers, the sick or the immobilized. God made me sensitive to these categories of people. In each case, I look to see if these people have faith, and I do my best to support and encourage them, and to present the Lord Jesus as personal Savior.

My neighbor Ioan Paran, after a long suffering, passed away. I sought to encourage my neighbor Floricica, talking with her about the faith in Jesus and preparing for eternity. I was impressed by the faith of this woman, and I encouraged her to pray and believe in the Son of God who can be her Savior. The visit was fruitful; she promised to pray and trust Jesus. I continue to pray for her.

Another case is the one of Romica Turcu and his wife. He has been paralyzed by 20 years, laying in bed or sitting in a chair in the yard. We were in the hospital in Hateg at the same time. I was impressed by his general outlook, and also by his wife’s care for him. He told me he read the Bible and believed what is written in it. I talked with them about the faith in God, in Jesus and in the Bible. I encouraged them to pray all the time, and to accept Jesus Christ as personal Savior.

The next case if the one of Aurica Paran, a widow with a disabled child, who barely survives on a meager pension. I talked with her about the need for faith, repentance, salvation and the kingdom of God. Her faith is very small, but I hope it will grow. I put together a permanent prayer list which includes the names of those who left the church and who went away from the Lord, and the names of those from the hospitals in Hateg and Deva to whom I preached the Gospel. For all these cases I pray continually that God in His mercy would offer them eternal life. Please stand with me in this evangelistic endeavor, and pray with me.