March 2017

I started the month in the hospital in Deva, at the emergency room. My health condition demanded some additional investigation. After being discharged from the hospital in Deva, I got admitted to the hospital in Hateg. I consider this a hard trial, perhaps so I can dedicate myself even more for Him. In Deva, I had the opportunity for personal evangelism in the room where I stayed. Same as in previous situations: God has reminded me of the sinful degradation and the consequences of sin in the soul of man. I had to confront this sinister reality: people without God, living in their terrible sins, rejecting God and without faith. As I was able, I shared the Gospel and Christ as Savior. Some of the roommates listened to me. For others, I got to pray: Eugen from Zam, Gabor Dorin from Mintia, and Ioan Bos from Simeria. These men were glad I prayed for them. A man named Aurel from Harau categorically refused prayer, saying that he doesn’t need it. He said he was an atheist with some oriental religion convictions about reincarnation and some idolatrous Indian beliefs. He told me he was only interested in the material things in this world. He refused any biblical argument. I have been praying for him and for the ones above-mentioned.

I am now at home on bed rest. All duties from my area I have delegated to my collaborators and to some of the pastors who understand what I go through. Dorin my son has been involved in helping transport people, giving car rides to people at the Betleem Church in Hateg. The churches are constantly praying for me to get well. I also pray, and invite you, all partners in PIE to support me in prayer, and asking the Oakridge Church specifically to keep praying for me.

Ilie Mara, Missionary Pastor